NEC and the Buddha test,the AI developed by the cancer vaccine clinical trial begins

NEC Corporation [Minato-ku, Tokyo] and the French biotechnology company’s Test company[Transgene SA] 7 days,artificial intelligence [AI]developed by the cancer immune therapeutic vaccine”TG4050″of the clinical trial launched. TG4050, NEC’s advanced AI technology and the company’s viral vector technology is a combination developed. Phase I clinical trials in France of medical institutions, performed in ovarian cancer and head and neck cancer is administered to a patient.

【Here】NEC,AI by of cancer treatment clinical trials to start

AI is now used in many different areas, and healthcare is no exception. Deep learning technology diagnostic imaging technology and a huge number of papers analyze the doctor’s diagnosis to support a system such as that of an example. This kind of diagnostic aid, as well as medical input and support, business efficiency also, AI is used.

In the medical field, most of the AI take advantage of expected areas,drug discovery is one of them. The Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare”health care in the field of AI usage promotion meeting”of the report,the future AI use tackle 6 one of the areas in drug development are increasing.

Communications test the company developed in collaboration with TG4050, patients with different cancer placemark to attack the designed, cancer immunotherapy vaccine only.

Cancer cells is the Anti-game called Specific Antigen, and the patient to a different. NEC has developed”a graph-based relationship learning”based on”neo-anti-game prediction system”to be used by the AI, normal cells and cancer cells of genomic information to compare cancer-specific neo-anti-Game selection.

Selected NEO-anti-game rank, in the top of the Anti-game to the corresponding vaccine [TG4050]generating the administration to a patient. When the patient’s own immune system is stimulated to attack cancer cells T-cells cause a reaction with mechanism.

NEC has developed a neo-anti-game prediction system for the patient and customized to each optimal vaccine in a short period of time to generate, it is possible that. NEC Fujikawa, Osamu Executive officer, said,”the AI to use the personalized immune therapy the realization of one step closer,”he said,TG4050 the world of cancer patients to a large change would bring and excited about. [Article: Kei_T・The article list to look at]

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