NEC Lenovo Japan Group and Tokyo Book Co-Developed School Programming Materials

Lenovo Japan, NEC Personal Computer, and Tokyo Book Co., Ltd. will collaborate on March 2 for “ programming with everyone, '' a package that includes teaching materials for implementing classes at school and teaching guides for teachers. The company announced that it will develop and launch its first version in August 2020.

プ ロ グ ラ ミ ン グ Programming education will be compulsory at elementary schools from April 2020, and the “GIGA School Concept” will be implemented, where each student will have one PC terminal. On the other hand, in conducting effective lessons using PCs and programming, it is thought that there is a shortage of teaching materials that can effectively incorporate programming into existing lessons such as arithmetic and science, and guidance of teachers who teach.

Therefore, Tokyo Books, which has a track record of producing digital teaching materials at elementary, junior high, and high schools, and the Lenovo Group, which handles school PCs, collaborate to jointly develop programming to address these issues. .

で Programming with everyone consists of "Introductory books for teachers [booklet & web page]", "teaching materials for students [booklet & web page & web app]" and "dedicated programming content [web app]".

Introductory book for teachers [booklet & web page] includes a trainer's guide, evaluation criteria, introduction of tools to be used, and PC handling instructions, and plans to add case studies from other schools in the future.

In the educational materials for students [booklet & web page & web app], basic knowledge [technology, terminology, programming thinking, etc.] and training tools are introduced, and the future image after acquiring programming skills [career education perspective] Is included. He will also add achievements from other students in the future.

The dedicated programming content [web app] is a practical tool for programming learning [manabi pocket coordination] in accordance with the guidelines for learning.

Regarding the target grades and the main tools to be used, first- to third-grade elementary school students use “Origami”, block programming software, and typing software as “elementary content”.

授業 Let's assume a lesson using Microbit etc. for elementary school 4th to junior high school students as “intermediate content”.

In the development, Kids Project [Engines], which has a track record in content and events for children, is cooperating.

コ ン テ ン ツ The completed content will be provided free of charge by NEC Lenovo Japan Group.

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