NEC,retail for the AI in the demand forecast, automatic ordering operational efficiency to food loss reduction.

NEC, supermarket and retail industry towards AI demand forecasting type of automatic ordering system offers to start. The purchasing data for the various data from the demand forecasting, the appropriate amount of auto order, you can order operational efficiency and reduce food losses is expected to.

【Here】Bubble era of the Zenith of mood such as the taste in the reproduction of chocolate NEC from AI use development

First Fukushima Prefecture, mainly in supermarket to deploy off・the Corporation [hereinafter, the on・field]in 2 months and production to start.

The retail industry in recent years,serious labor shortages have become. Also, unsold Bento and confirm the expiry date of food waste and food loss is become a social problem. Especially in Japan, the food self-sufficiency rate is developed in the lowest, one of the world’s largest food importer.

Also, to confirm the expiry date of food waste to huge disposal costs, such as corporate and profit of the significant degradation. Because of this, the food handling in the retail industry, the labor shortage for Business Improvement, and food loss reduction initiatives is a challenge.

NEC, the AI demand forecasting system for retail industry to achieve operational efficiency and reduce food losses to tackle. In this system, the NEC of the AI system in the”NEC of the WISE”, one of the”heterogeneous mixture learning”to use.

“Heterogeneous mixture learning”can be used for AI, the day of the week and the weather, past performance, and each store and product for each regularity automatically discovered, and based on rules,demand forecasting and. AI is the prediction order for the amount of the purchase order, you can streamline operations and reduce food losses happen.

Also the system used in the AI, white box type for the predicted reason clearly,problems occur when the cause of the pursuit easy as that.

NEC,for 3 months over the list of several stores in the AI demand system for prediction of the results of simulation,manual orders, compared to stock-out days 6. 5% improvement, the amount to 25 ~ 40% reduction in as. Off is 2 months from the Sengoku store demand forecast type automatic ordering system to operation after sequentially stores the introduction for the book. [Articles:not for・The article list to look at]

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