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NEC's craft beer "Life Brewing craft" is sold out the same day. Scheduled for resale-Engadget Japan version

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<p>The craft beer "life brewing craft" released by NEC (NEC) and craft beer maker Coed Brewery on July 15 is sold out on the same day. Resale/re-brewing is currently under consideration and will be announced soon.</p>
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The price of life brewing craft is a set of 4 350 ml cans, 1400 yen excluding tax. It is sold at the "Coed Brewery Online Shop", which is a direct online shop of Coed Brewery.

This "life brewing craft" is unique in its concept. The four pieces in the set are for the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, respectively, and the manufacturer says that they can experience the trajectory of each generation's life.

The manufacturing process is also unique. The color, scent, and taste policies are based on the magazines that each age group read in the past, and AI has been introduced in the process.

Specifically, we first used NEC's cutting-edge AI technology group “NEC the WISE” to analyze fashion images and texts from magazines provided by Shogakukan. The analyzed magazines are 8 articles including CanCam, DIME, and Weekly Post, which have been published in the past 40 years.

From this analysis, the three general steps of "color, aroma, taste" are digitized as the order to enjoy craft beer. Beer craftsmen describe the characteristics of the four generations in their 20s and 50s as four types of craft beer.

The characteristics of the four types of beer thus completed are as follows.

Life brewing craft ~20's PINK~

Beer Style: Herb Ale

Alcohol content: 3.5%

Ingredients: malt, hops, lactose, hibiscus

Herbal ale brewed for 20s. It features a citrus aroma of American hops, sourness and a light pink color due to hibiscus.

Life brewing craft ~30's BLUE~

Style: fruit beer

Alcohol content: 4.0%

Ingredients: malt, hops, coconut, lemon peel, blue pigment (gardenia)

Brewed for thirties, this fruit ale features a tropical aroma of coconut and hops with a hint of blue.

Life brewing craft ~40's YELLOW~

Style: crystal weizen

Alcohol content: 5.5%

Ingredients: malt, hops

Crystal Weizen brewed for 40s features a well-balanced complex aroma of yeast-derived banana-like ester and phenol.

Life brewing craft ~50's RED~

Style: Original ale

Alcohol content: 7.0%

Ingredients: malt, hops, sweet potatoes

Original ale brewed for 50s. The balance of the specialty malt and high alcohol content balances the finish with a moderate body feel, refreshing mouthfeel and a rich aftertaste.

The craft beer project this time will also be the third product in the taste prediction series using AI, which NEC handles.

In the past, the blended coffee “Drinkable Bunko'' (announced in 2017), which analyzed the feeling of reading masterpiece literature with AI and reproduced it with the taste of coffee, analyzed the newspaper article of 2018 with AI and reproduced the mood of that time with the taste of chocolate We are developing "Ano CHOCOLATE" (announced in 2018).

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