Negative reasons for 'home living for savings'

◆ Negative reasons for living at home for savings
I've never seen anyone who earns money from living at home. Successful people often leave their homes and become independent.

Some people say, "I will continue to live at home to save money." Of course, I do not deny such an idea, and I think that it is possible to fail for work or marriage and temporarily evacuate.

However, I have a negative idea of ​​"living at home for savings", and for example, even if it costs money, I encourage you to live alone to open up opportunities in life.

This is because if you are at home and relying on your parents, you do not need to think about your life plan, so you will not be able to develop your independence. And if you depend on a lot of parents, you tend to be mentally immature. [Of course, not all of them are, and some people stand alone in their parents' homes.]

Even if it is financially difficult, they work and pay their own rent, pay their utility bills, do their own housework and meals, and live on their own. In this way, they grasp their own income and expenditure and control how they spend money at their own risk. It gives you the confidence that you can do it yourself and develops your ability to live.

Also, living alone leads to more loneliness, which gives you more opportunities to interact with your inner self and leads to maturation of your mind.

◆ Leaving home seizes the opportunity
Leaving home in the first place is also about going on a journey to seize the opportunity. For example, you may find your own talent that you couldn't find while in the local area. Because you are free from your personal relationships and familiar environment, your thinking patterns will change.

When you are at home, you are always influenced by your parents' values. That's not bad, but parents won't want to change their children, so it will be difficult to get out of their shell. It is assumed that the withdrawal is due to the parent's withdrawal, and that the child is prolonged due to the condition.

However, when I leave home and get away from my parents' values ​​and come into contact with various occupations, ways of life, people and information, I am engaged in things that I have not been interested in, and that can change my life as a trigger. There is.

In the United States, "moving is a manifestation of the will to do something", but it is.

If I went to a local university and got a job there, I might not have been able to think of real estate investment because I was in the countryside, and I might not have been able to start a business. Since there are few publishers, they may not have had the chance to publish books, and may have finished their lives without the ability to write.

It seems that she worried her parents quite a bit, but I think she was able to get her current way of life and life because she left the house and came to Tokyo.

There is a reason that Tokyo is certainly occupied by local people, but people who are called successful people around me have the impression that local people are more proportionate than local born and raised in Tokyo. It may be because he came out of the house with dreams and ambitions.

For that reason, although it is still a long way off, I plan to leave my child when I am an adult and let her go home.

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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