Nein and Pioneer form a capital and business alliance–Voice UI technology applied to in-vehicle mobility

Nein, a company that develops Hearable Devices, announced on December 11 that it has signed a capital and business alliance with Pioneer. Nein's original voice UI technology will be applied to in-vehicle mobility.

Nein was established in 2014. Plans, develops and sells “Zeeny”, a B2C compatible device that supports voice notifications, and has provided apps and services that apply technologies cultivated by Zeeny to many audio equipment manufacturers in Japan and overseas. .

In October, the company announced a partnership with Takasago Thermal Engineering, raising a total of 260 million yen in funding in this round. By developing a field worker support project that provides solutions to convey information intuitively with sound to field workers who can't take their hands off when they work, and 3D sensing and computer vision positioning technology The plan is to expand the business of “AR information distribution service for travelers” that can deliver more accurate, intuitive and customized information.

Pioneer CTrO Masato Sakamoto said, “We decided to invest with the expectation that the technology and business assets owned by Nein will contribute to the future growth of Pioneer. “We want to go beyond support and aim for business growth together.”

Nein CEO Kentaro Yamamoto said, “Enthusiasm for solving social issues as a startup, speed of execution, technology we have delved into to realize, technology assets, intellectual property, and abundant human resources of large companies. We will continue to form a business alliance that will enable us to grow together and create technology that can fight the world.By accelerating this trend, we would like to lead the flow born from Japanese companies that can fight globally. Yes.

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