NejiLaw, Casio and “IoT Screw” applying G-SHOCK technology

NejiLaw and Casio have jointly started the development of the IoT screw “smartNeji” and the AI ​​system “God Eyes” using smartNeji.

  • smartNeji

    Multi-sensing IoT screw “smartNeji”

smartNeji is a multi-sensing IoT screw that uses a multi-sensor screw. It is equipped with NejiLaw's "Unscrewing Screw" technology and G-SHOCK's technology for shock resistance, vibration resistance and low power consumption.

As a specific application example, wirelessly obtains information such as the state during the tightening operation of the screw and how the force is applied to the portion where the screw is tightened. By analyzing various information from the screw joint, it is possible to grasp the stress state of the entire structure [stress is the force generated inside the object when a force is applied to the object from the outside].

The God Eyes AI system that uses smartNeji is a factory, plant, power plant, power transmission network, water network, gas pipe network, railway network, road network, automobile, large vehicle, ship, aircraft, rocket, robot, industrial machinery Visualize the soundness of structures such as construction machinery, building buildings, and residential buildings.

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