Nemophila's first live broadcast, Muratamu Maternity

The five-piece girl band NEMOPHILA will release their second single "Raiki-RAITEI-" on the 22nd on the web shop only. It will be delivered live on the same day.

For Drum Muratamu, who gave birth to his first daughter, May 2, will be the first full-scale activity after giving birth. “I'm very excited about the first live after maternity leave. I want to show everyone the power-up after the maternity leave, so please take a look. Thank you!” ing.

NEMOPHILA released the first single "OIRAN" in February. "Raiki-RAITEI-", which has been pre-delivered since 7th, is a group of 5 members consisting of vocal mayu, guitar SAKI, guitar Hazuki, bass Haraguchisan, and drum mutatamu. SAKI, Hazuki, and a guitar battle of both guitars for almost 50 seconds must be heard. It is. SAKI said, "We have arranged the song so that it makes use of the twin guitars. We are planning to play a surprisingly new cover song and unreleased new song, so please take a look at it from the tea room. We are also waiting for applications." Hazuki says, "I want you to listen to the solo of "Raiki" as a guitarist, but it's a must-listen outro [at the end of the song] that is even more foldable. I am talking.

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