Netflix to deliver Broadway musical depicting Princess Diana in 2021

In 2021, it was revealed that Netflix will deliver a recorded version of the new Broadway musical "Diana: A True Musical Story" that depicts Princess Diana's life.


By: Angela Lang/CNET

Broadway Theater District in New York City has been closed since March, when the new coronavirus infection in the city expanded beyond control, and is not expected to resume at least within 2020. The months of Broadway leave are devastating to New York's theater industry.

On the other hand, in July, the distribution of the recorded version of the stage performance was suddenly in the limelight as the video of the stage of the blockbuster musical "Hamilton" in "Disney+" competing with Netflix was started. became. With Hamilton's distribution, the number of Disney+ subscribers has skyrocketed, and research firm 7Park Data found that the percentage of users watching Hamilton in July was far higher than any of Netflix's releases in the same month.Releasedid.

The preview version of the stage version of "Diana" started on March 2. The preview performance is the period before the opening day of the performance, when the performance is performed while adjusting the details with the audience. The story of Diana, Princess of Wales, who fascinated people all over the world as a member of the British royal family, this work was scheduled to open at the long acre theater at the end of March, but the opening day was due to the spread of the new coronavirus Was postponed on May 25, 2021.

“Diana” was performed by Broadway's original cast at the Long Acres Theater to record the video to be distributed on Netflix and recorded without an audience.

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