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Network recorder & media storage "nasne" was released on August 30, 2012: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

"Nasne" has a built-in HDD and can record TV programs by itself as well as save photos and music files.

This network recorder & media storage was launched today in 2012.

It's an HDD recorder with a built-in 3-wave tuner, but it's unique in that it has no video output. To watch the recorded program, you need a game machine such as PS3 and a PC that are separately connected to the network, but instead the main feature is that the main body is made simple.

Thanks to this, the suggested retail price is as low as 16,980 yen while mounting a 500 GB HDD. It was popular as a back-up program recording that could not be recorded with just the main HDD recorder, or as a personal HDD recorder.

Discontinued but discontinued in 2019.. There is no successor model so far.

Main event on August 30th

year 2012,SIE launches "nasne"
year 2012,Docomo Releases "L-06D JOJO"
2013,LG Electronics launches "Nexus 4" in Japan
2013,Panasonic releases "RF-TJ10"
2019,Nintendo launches new Nintendo Switch model
2019,Sony releases "RX100 M7"
2019,au releases “TORQUE G04”


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