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New 27-inch iMac, some CTO solder SSD to logic board? Do you lose data when you exchange?– Engadget Japan version


Just recently announced27-inch new iMac..Memory can be replaced by a third partyHowever, there are rumors that the built-in SSD is virtually impossible to replace.

According to Apple's internal document for Apple technicians, which MacRumors obtained, the SSD is soldered to the logic board and cannot be removed (there is no SSD connector itself) in models with internal storage of 256GB to 2TB. On the other hand, in 4TB and 8TB configurations, SSD expansion boards are reportedly attached to connectors on the logic board.

However, the internal document says that the SSD and logic board are tied together for hardware encryption (due to Apple T2 chip), and that data will be lost if the logic board is replaced.

Apple related information site iMore says that even if the SSD side is replaced, the data will be erased. Similarly, MacBook Pro (2018) equipped with T2 chip will also become "inoperable" (so-called bricking) unless a dedicated diagnostic software is executed if part of the hardware is replacedI was told..

It may be wise to keep backups smaller than ever, because once you replace either the SSD or the logic board, you risk data loss.


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