New classical instant camera "Polaroid Now" is born

Now may not be the best time to launch a new product. Especially if it's an analog instant camera. An analog instant camera can be said to be close to people and share experiences. Nevertheless, Polaroid Originals has unveiled the new camera "Polaroid Now".

Polaroid Now

Provided by Joshua Goldman / CNET

RoidPolaroid Now has a newly designed autofocus lens that switches between people and distant views. In addition, the accuracy of the flash function adjusted according to the brightness condition has been improved, and the image quality in dark places has been improved. In addition, you can shoot with double exposure using the self-timer button on the front. On the LED counter on the back,Polaroid Originals “i-Type” film with 8 packsYou can see how many are left.

The camera body is not as sharp as the Polaroid Originals two previous models, OneStep + and OneStep 2, and is smaller and more comfortable because it is rounded. According to Polaroid, battery life has also improved, and up to 15 packs of film can be used on a single charge.

Polaroid Now

Easy to hold and easy to shoot than expected
Provided by: Josh Goldman / CNET

Polaroid Originals called on the community to announce Now to "gather online and use this time to reflect, inspire, create and connect." Over the next few weeks, the company will host the "Evolving Program for Creative Content" and "for the time being, ask fans to suggest ideas and share Polaroid photos. ”As you get used to the reality.

Polaroid NowIs sold on Polaroid's site for North America for $ 99.99. In addition to the black and white versions, Polaroid's iconic five rainbow colors [red, orange, yellow, green and blue] are also available for a limited time.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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