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New color for popular eye shadow! "Cezanne tone-up eyeshadow 08 honey brown" for natural beauty

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A new color that suits Cézanne's popular eye shadows"Cezanne Tone Up Eyeshadow 08 Honey Brown"Appeared! The honey brown color of orange nuance mixed with gold pearl blends into the skin and is said to create a bright, healthy yet sophisticated impression. I immediately tried out a new color that also brings out a complexion!

It suits both Yebe and Brube! New colors for Cezanne's popular eye shadow

Sticking to safe and secure quality and price that can be used every dayCezanne Cosmetics Co., Ltd."Tone-up eye shadow" released by Cesanne, a make-up brand, is a popular three-color eye shadow palette.

The reason for its popularity is the ease of use of the calculated 3-color design. The base on the left has a souffle prescription containing delicate pearls, which will remove dullness and give bright eyes. I am happy that the middle color in the center is a color setting that can be applied widely by Mr. Ichige and Mr. Okudae who tend to hide the eye shadow when their eyes are opened. The right tightening color is a dense and highly colored color that emphasizes the contours of the eyes and makes the eyes look crisp.

New color to appear this time"Cezanne tone up eyeshadow 08 honey brown" (Retail price 580 yen excluding tax, some pre-sale on July 21, 2020)Is a powder eye shadow with an orange nuance color that gives bright and large eyes. Anyone can easily get a natural beauty by using a color setting that is familiar to the skin and suits both Yebe and Brube. In addition, the delicately sparkling gold pearls make the eyes bright and gorgeous, and the eyes have a healthy and happy atmosphere.

A popular orange make-up that is natural but has a sense of missing is easily completed

Try the new color, honey brown, right away!

Honey brown is the first tone-up eye shadow gold series, and is a sophisticated nude color that is easy on the skin and easy to use.

For each color, the base on the left is honey gold beige, the middle color in the center is orange nuance color, and the tightening color on the left is deep brown. All contain delicate pearls.

First, apply the base color to the entire eye hole with your fingers. It does not easily scatter and is easy to apply.

The bright gold beige and pearl radiance blended into the eyelids, making the eyes brighter.

Next, take a neutral color on the tip, and apply it to the corners of the eyes using the eyebrows and the middle of the eyes as a guide. The tip handle is long and easy to hold.

The color of orange nuance is colored in sheer!

Add the neutral color to the lower eyelid.

The orange nuance color blended into the skin, giving a natural and healthy impression. This alone is cute!

Finally, apply a tightening color to the eyes with a thin tip. We recommend thickening the corners of the eyes.

Eyes with natural gradation and depth!

A natural orange makeup with a complexion that is bright and transparent. It's a familiar color, so it's perfect for everyday use! It seems to be usable regardless of the scene.

"Cezanne Tone Up Eyeshadow 08 Honey Brown" is recommended for those who want to enjoy natural orange make-up, those who want a healthy impression and want to increase the sensitivity, and those who want to achieve natural beauty eyes!

Products can be purchased from official online shops and drug stores.

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