New Corona consumption due to sluggish defuse to get vouchers, Sapporo, just 5 days from launch

Sapporo City,Sapporo chamber of Commerce and industry,Sapporo City, Shopping District Promotion Association Federation of organization”to SAPPORO and not support vouchers Executive Committee”is 8 on 5 October, the Sapporo City retail stores and eateries, such as can be used in 20%of the premium with gift certificate sales begin. The new corona virus infection by increasing inbound tourists disappear and go and self-restraint by the weak consumption to defuse the aim.

【Here】Food service industry, 6 month sales recovery trend and also the feet is a tough situation Teikoku Databank survey

Voucher for 1,000 yen note is 12 pieces based in 1 books and 1 million yen in sales. 1 million yen 1 million, 2,000 yen you can shop mechanics,5 November from 10 November to 5 days in Sapporo in the post office and the arc group,Aeon Hokkaido, the Sapporo,北雄 lucky’s store,some shops for the promotion of cooperatives, a total of 374 locations to sell at. The total number of issued 50 million pieces. Sold out to the ends.

You can purchase of the Sapporo people in Sapporo city, commuting to a person. 1 people 1 books limited to sell. Gift certificate usage period is from 5 days 11 months 5 days. Handling store 20 days however,7 at the end of the current 7,416 stores are applying for. In the future, Available stores from that number is expected to increase.

A new type of Corona infection after the expansion to an all-time record of continued inbound foreign tourists disappeared from the Department store and restaurant sales of self-restraint and the public out of self-restraint in consumption is sharply cold. Bankruptcy and out of business and they are driven to stores after another, and retail and restaurants for relief, there is an urgent need.

With a gift certificate in the consumption arouse, and, as a result, there were large,across the country local governments and economic organizations in the copyright holders do not want this video to be on display, please send me. 7 from the end of 8 months by alone, the city has gift certificates issued incorporating the 2020 fiscal year General Accounting supplementary budget to special disposal in addition,Mitaka City, Tokyo,Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture,Wakayama Prefecture to the town,Kagoshima Prefecture 大和村,Niigata Prefecture Joetsu in Joetsu Food Association Takada branch of the naoetsu branch of the joint team, such as the issuance of the intentions revealed.

However, a new type of Corona infection expansion continues increased consumption does not lead to the possibility for each municipality the representative of the whole country again in the spread of the momentum that the infection trends in the application of the new. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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