New Corona in social change to changes in the assumed strategy is to survive of the TDB report

The new corona virus is not to mention the sanitary administration of the infectious diseases that. However, at the same time medical problems with the economy have in the area of healthcare in maintaining the balance of supply and demand policy that is also. Curfew and sales, such as the Prohibition of strong regulation if the infected person to reduce the strong effect this month.

However, the Economic people of cooperation and sanitary and administrative regulations is strong as the local economy has significantly slowed. Infectious diseases and economic balance of how to take on a challenge, but extremely judging a difficult challenge. 2 September government policy since Japan’s economy is generally rapid reduction in the process. This is the macro statistics if you look at the obvious yet.

However, the fine looking to fall short of the General reduction in,rather Corona measures performance growth areas also exist. Corona uproar is the end and society the original state and not return to this would have not a few commentators pointed out by. The post corona of the economic and Social what it would be like to see it, focusing on business opportunities connected to that movement already started.

3 on May 25, Empire data Bank”新型肺炎 has effects on the Japanese economy(4)”is made public. The report referenced in the”TDB economic trend survey”by the year 2020 with the 3 month decline in sales to companies 55. 8%and half beyond. The decline is significant of the Inns, hotels and furniture retail, eateries,recreational services, just to name a few.

On the other hand, sales is an increasing trend of companies 21. 4% exists. The increase of industries and fields to see and, telecommunication services and software industry,IT directed the staffing of a well-known. Companies from the voice of the”telework-related projects are expected to increase to”(software development)and”going out and reducing home delivery of the demand”(food and beverage retail),”imported from China not became the production of goods receives requests”(electronic computer manufacturing), and the like, and also” the produce of risk mitigation as a result of domestic production strengthen the movement of sales opportunities and expansion potential”(vegetable wholesale) Such as the new demand to develop a movement that indicates a voice to be seen.

Lehman is a financial from the beginning are transmitted to the real economy however, the new Corona Effect of the real economy hit the people’s living space. In the report”the 2008 LS happened after changing companies to large growth, as the new corona virus after visiting the social change from now on expect the industry to survive in critical conditions would be”and all that. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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