New Corona in the performance is already”minus”of companies 6% greater on the”plus”of the voice

The new corona virus infection by the expansion of companies that fall short is a concern during the Empire data Bank is a 9, the new corona virus infection against the influence of Corporate survey results. Results the negative impact is that companies are over 6% after. Especially in the furniture retail trade and hotels and Inns,sales of clothing products and industry a serious impact on have come up. On the other hand, supermarkets such as food-related industries is a plus the impact of the starting out with.

【Here】New Corona related to a failure of, 219 on 6 June accelerated again to Tokyo Shoko Research

The survey is 5 from May 18 to 31,National 2 million 3675 companies do,1 million in 1979 from the company responded. The company this year 2 month from the new coronavirus related to the survey, and this is the 4 th.

According to the findings,a new type of Corona Effect”on the already negative impact on you,”replied the companies is 62. 8%for the first time over 6%, reached a record level. “In the future that there will be a negative impact if”and the answer for companies is 23. At 3%, and 2 respondents fit the”negative impact”and expects companies to 86. 1% on the back.

“Negative impact”and the answer for companies by industry, the most serious of the”furniture retail”for 3 consecutive months of 100%. “Ryokan・hotel”for 2 consecutive months 100% of companies will have a negative impact on you. Besides this, clothing sales, etc.”textile and textile products・garment and accessories retail”is 97. 1%,”entertainment services”96. 8%was. The hospitality from those who are”early convergence is not life-and-death matter”and heartbreaking voice on that.

On the other hand,”to have a positive impact.”we expect more companies from increasing, and 2 on a survey of 1. 7%from 1. 1 point increase 2. 8%was.

By industry,”to have a positive impact.”replied The percentage was the highest of the supermarket, such as”various goods retail”in 31. 3%. 2 consecutive months in 3% of the Beyond. Also, the food and beverage retail is 20. 3%,”Food & Beverage・animal feed manufacturing”is 11. 6%, and food handling companies in the future to brightness feel companies that have a certain number may.

These companies from”home meal frequency this increase in instant food and beverage orders are on the rise”and The Voice of the soul. Also, in some of the”telework and the introduction of shift work, through the implementation of operational efficiency is proceeded”and a work period of change is worked is of the opinion that there was.

The results of this survey, about Empire data Bank is”already the negative impact is that companies are over 6%, the company’s negative impact on the expected proportion of companies were reduced. Infection of the 2nd wave arrival, such as concern, there are concerns over the future and softened the appearance of the people”as that.

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