New Corona infection expansion prevention measures, hours of operation shortened for? Based on the lessons learned from the Governor’s role!

In the world of new coronavirus infection of expansion to a halt hook. Even in Japan 7 Months 29 days confirmed people infected for the first time in 1 day exceeded 1000 people. Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi,Fukuoka, and 3 digits for other prefectures also another. Especially on this day, it is domestic only in cases of confirmation had not been in Iwate for 2 people and the rate of infection is confirmed,the nationwide spread of infection and the impression that was.

【Here】The new corona virus recent trends in the number of infections in the dispute is right?

Emergency Declaration and closed request for drugs that the learning was going. The effect is there. Certainly a lot of people stay home commitment, the spread of infectious diseases on the big brake is hanging for sure. The problem is our economy is extreme shrinking can.

Air transport,public transport, Department stores, travel agents, food and beverage etc,industries to hold and most of the various operators,wretchedness tasted. Government and administrative activity of endurance for collateral, maybe the appeal effect is also eyeing the normally unthinkable, such as children and the behavior was performed.

The individual of the policy, whether loudly spoken that have been a world engulfed infections expansion of trial and error to respond more calmly, they complain with productive needless to say not.

The new coronavirus of the 1 wave for activating the emergency Declaration and closed the request, but the repeated use of the hands in the learning was going, I thought, the Osaka Prefecture and Osaka city is narrowed down downtown for hours a shortening of the request,the appropriate facility for the city government 1 Day 1 million yen to each payment against the country, a similar response seems to be asking.

Tokyo dining options such as short sales and requested. Hours from 5 am until 10 PM with a set from the early convenience of The seems. Period is 8 Months 3 days from the 31st, set the time according to the small and medium-sized businesses to 20 million of the cooperation funds to be paid to say that.

Return is not reduced operating time to request this for you, but Osaka and Tokyo have the hours shortened and cooperation to the payment of any mean? Already battered by operators reduced operating time request is too cruel would.

Of course, finances are tight in local governments”and not”saying is not enough. Hours shorter than the choices are not from your wisdom, I want just that.

The new corona virus of the nasty points are infected, but your symptoms while on the person, some may just. Invisible to the enemy as you can,wearing masks,hand washing is strictly enforce,3 dense to avoid this and to ensure that they say it.

Infected severe example is many may not see the Poles for these came. On this is severe to cause a chronic disease of the people and of the elderly infection how to prevention of, and particulars to for when we arrived and felt. Number of people not directly concern that the new coronavirus of think a pot would. [Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at]

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