New Corona measures of social distance, medical personnel is insufficient from the Australian and US University research

The new corona virus infection expansion prevention for the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare, the closed space・compact location・close the scene to overlap the”3 dense”so as to avoid the call hanging. Japan is not limited to,social distance[social distance] strategy of adopting the country are many. But people at intervals of 2 meters open, the medical personnel, the new type of corona virus infection in the Prevention of inadequate and research, the Australian University of New South Wales by 21 days have been reported.

【Here】The new corona is 3 Type English Cambridge a large grid network revealed

■In the air to convey the micro-virus

Training at the University of New South Wales and the rice MIT of researchers from the group of,droplets moving through the air the horizontal distance in the literature surveyed. As a result, the symptoms of the patient from 飛沫感染 is 1 to 2 meters within an interval that occurs in the assumption that scientific evidence is not in favor of this turned out.

Research according to the group,more than 2 meters of distance even splashes to convey that. Usually splashes himself due to the weight of the fall on the ground, small droplets of the clouds like to linger in the air. A few hours after the move,splashes a long distance move. The new coronavirus infection [SARS-CoV-2] the case of the patient from up to 4 meters distance the virus has been detected.

■New type of coronavirus to prevent the

The virus is produce clouds,conventional air, and 飛沫感染 with distinction difficult. The research group, according to the new coronavirus of patients, conventional 飛沫感染 and air, both of prevention was needed. 飛沫感染 for N95, etc. of the mask,air for the glove and mask, gown wear, prevention and help.

The World Health Organization [WHO]is currently COVID-19 for the Prevention of contagious and 飛沫感染 Of The Block have recommended. 1 ~ 2 meters interval of open rules that even the WHO was set by you,its origin is in the 1930s Dating. On the other hand, the US Centre for Disease Control[CDC] is an airborne infection for prevention started recommended to you.

Research group,COVID-19 by medical personnel of the fatality rate of height such as from the air, against the prevention strategy should be adopted so as to.

Details of the study, the United States infectious Diseases Society of of journal The Journal of Infectious Diseases for 16 dates that have been posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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