New Corona measures, the company is in contact with a risk minimized service and products PR

In the home of a new coronavirus to infectious diseases is called for in others, and of the contact, in order to reduce the risk of the service and new products to actively PR company that came out. The leading pizza chain in Japan Pizza Hut [Nishi-ku, Yokohama], the customer handed over not to the courier service, 12 days from the start. Also, the goods that we manufacture to the service[Taito-ku, Tokyo], the Super version of Chicago can be attached to the eco bag,store in the of stay time can be shortened to as PR have.

【Here】New Corona measures of closed requests received, correspondence courses or e-book for free provided one after another

Pizza Hut was also the”deliveryman face to face with any offers spacious, air-conditioned rooms with a flat-screen TV:”I want passengers from the demand that there was, from this time a new type of coronavirus infection of the spread to match the product directly, do not pass”the pizza place across the service[put pizza]”to began.

The service is available from the official website or the official app from the order cashless settlement is made by the user. When you order”put the pizza”available to select.

Delivery is the destination to arrive and,over the intercom, the content of the order of the pizza place to check. Delivery personnel, and passengers to the specified location to the pizza place to return to the shop for the user is the deliveryman face to face with one in to receive the product.

The company”closed the children in the home to home to reduce the burden on the IT”as that.

Also, the businesses of the original promotional toy cash register, as Chicago mounted directly to the eco-bag last year developed the service,”the plastic bags to refill the unnecessary store of the time of stay is short”, as this eco-bag we promoted that.

The company’s eco-bags are in Chicago to the edge of the over just can be worn,level of settlement at the end, it includes a logo from the bag, remove the goods to take back home.

Thus, the store stay a short time, you can play Chicago in the touching number of times, reducing infectious diseases is one of that. Also, the store by bagging the space of the Congestion Mitigation and that you know.

Product last year 5 month will be announced, and soon 20 million order to receive the hit product was. The company”promotion and introduction,customer of the corona virus infectious diseases as a useful as well as environmentally friendly and social issues to resolve as a company for branding,”says new.

Infections the termination of the prospects of one-and-long, only to each company as well as the contact to reduce the risk of them going to.

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