New Corona measures”for the job to avoid going out”,Japan is 1 percent less than in the world at the lowest

The new corona virus pandemic(worldwide epidemic)happening. Italy is already in a medical collapse to happen but wasn’t in the country are also some that exist. World infection prevention for the awareness of people is growing rapidly. Even in Japan, 7 November,Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo Metropolitan, Kansai, Fukuoka Prefecture to be subject to an emergency Declaration issued for residents around national tensions between running.

6, The Japan Research Center in the UK YouGov partnered with 26 countries 27000 name of the target was carried out in the”new corona virus(COVID-19)concerning the global independent investigation”of the latest version published.

YouGov’s WEB page to published reports,”a crowded public place, avoid to say”the item is 3 as of June 30 of the Japanese response proportion of 64%of the surveyed countries, 26 countries in the lowest become. Initially, in Europe, America and other countries is 50%below the low of the pandemic in conjunction with the expansion of sudden awareness, and 3 late in Italy 85%, Spain 83%, UK at 80% in the United States is 77 percent.

“In public to wear a mask”item for Japan, 67% in Hong Kong and in Thailand, 89%in Asia such as is high, the UK and Germany is 7%and Europe tend to be low, and Italy are 75%and Japan higher than that.

“Go out to work to avoid that”Japan is 9%and only 10%below 2nd Low German of 22%compared with protruding lower. “Children to school, etc. out to stop”is overall high in Japan is 1%and extremely low,while the other began to eat one of India 53% and Vietnam of 33 percent.

“Personal hygiene was”as a whole, more than 60% and higher in Asia, initially higher than in Europe and the United States, 3 from mid-exponentially growing. Japan is 66%and the lowest in case of Japan, it was originally a hygiene awareness was higher for improvement in terms of higher numbers was not and you can guess.

“In public, to touch and to refrain from say”Japan is 32%and most lower. Asia is from the beginning higher in Europe and the United States, 3 from the middle of the rapid increase in China is 73%, and the weight is 74%of a well-known.

As a whole 3 months into the world in Infection Prevention Awareness has increased in the Japanese consciousness of the delay and that feeling is undeniable. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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