New Corona pneumonia other viral infections therapeutic effect of

The new corona virus infection [COVID-19] with respect to the other infection remedy is that there is an effect of Wonder. The Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare the flu or HIV, such as drugs for clinical trial about the mention of those drugs to a patient, the effect of the news that there was also to be heard in,so that I can be.

【Here】The new coronavirus from the can to protect the disinfection and heating・the effect of the mask is?

It pneumonia cause is bacteria and viruses, Mycoplasma and the like. Caused by medicines used to treat different.

First caused by bacteria if the antibiotic is used. Antibacterial drugs, served,bacterial cell wall synthesis of the ability of the bacteria to survive you need protein to make it without that,bacteria can proliferate and can be DNA, such as synthesis of the ability of the like.

The antimicrobial agent by the effective bacteria, good bacteria, and your doctor will review your symptoms and fungus inspection as a antimicrobial choosing.

Mycoplasma are the size of small bacteria is a kind of cell wall do not have. Therefore, the cell walls to effective antimicrobial agents is not effective. Macrolide protein synthesis can no longer type, or quinolones with DNA by the action of an antimicrobial agent is mainly used.

Now the rapid spread of the corona virus that cause pneumonia only. Bacteria effective antimicrobial agents are 300 types of near you that is, the virus to drugs is a lot less 50 types of the most. Of the virus to develop a therapeutic agent is not easy.

One reason is that the virus size is very small shells and DNA [or RNA] consisting of only simple to make,drugs that can attack the target less. Even virus, the infected person [human] of the cells of the organs by proliferation, because the virus only attacks is quite difficult.

Viral infection drugs to treat as the flu, HIV, hepatitis C, malaria, such as drugs that there. Taro Kono of the Minister of Defense and 23 days of tweets, according to a new coronavirus in the treatment of infectious diseases of the clinical trial candidate to have a cover line[drugs against HIV], and Vigan[the flu remedy], REM de[Ebola treatment]only.

Color is the virus host[human] cells by synthesis or protein from the virus that is available cut to size for the enzyme to work without drugs[protease inhibitors] yet.

Abby is the fetus is affected, and they are now of the flu typically used to treat not a new occurrence in addition to stockpile medicines that are only. This is viral RNA synthesis in some viruses inhibit the growth of. Other viral infections of the effects on reported a lot of drugs.

REM DE is a nucleic acid analog and an RNA or DNA of the material is similar to substance. Gene fake material of the virus given the correct copy and make it, and suppress the proliferation of drugs.

These anti-viral medications,various viruses that are common to genes and enzymes, proliferation of the mechanism of action for the new coronavirus to the effect likely would be. Around the world in a rapidly performed clinical trials of the wait for the results you want. Or viral culture of success for the creation of vaccines is also progressing well.

Wait for the result between,we have the basic hand washing and cough etiquette, such as in preventing the outbreak a little less…….. it [Article: 室園 美映子・The article list to look at]

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