New Corona related companies bankrupt,6 month 103 day of the first month of 100 topped by Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research and Teikoku Data Bank are the new coronavirus by companies to study the effects of corporate bankruptcy of a number of high pace continues, and that many companies, which has a negative impact on it.

【Here】Quiet full after the termination of 7% is”going out voluntarily continue” eating out quiet, but 7% is the top

■6 on the 103 had the highest number of

1, the Tokyo Commerce and industry research 7 months 1 day 17 time-points in the”new corona virus”related to a failure situation announced. Debt 1,000 million of Management Course Number 304 reviews, this out the bankruptcy 229 cases, lawyers discretionary・preparation is 75 today.

Monthly 6 on the bankruptcy of a number of 103 cases and this month, the most was 4 on 84% of the cases exceeds the record of the bankruptcy number updated. From 7 November 1 of 10 in the event of bankruptcy of a continued high pace in the bankruptcy system.

■Food and beverage, accommodation such as private consumption of the industry is insolvent

According to all prefectures with the highest number of Tokyo 73 cases [bankruptcy:62 reviews,prepping and 11, the same below]. One in Osaka, and 27 cases [20 cases,7 cases], Hokkaido 20 cases [19 cases,1 cases], etc. Conversely, Wakayama,Tottori,Kochi is insolvent, the number Zero has become. Industries with the highest number of food and beverage industry with 49. Some in the lodging business for 39 cases,apparel-related and 36, such as consumer spending related industries, the bankruptcy of the number have been a lot.

■8% greater enterprises in the”negative impact”there

On the same day, the Empire data Bank is the new corona virus infection for the Enterprise Survey announced. This is a nationwide industry 2 million 3,681 companies to the questionnaire replied to the survey, there were 1 million 1,275 companies minutes aggregation and analysis, as well as the investigation of the 5 th.

The new corona virus infection impacts when asked,”already that there will be a negative impact if”is 66. 6%,”in the future that there will be a negative impact if”is 17. 9%, and the negative impact when there is an answer for companies a total of 84. 5% was. Or”has no influence”is 8. 2%, The”Don’t know”is 4. 2%, even less from the”plus influence”and the answer for companies 3. 0%was.

■”Negative impact”there is a slight decrease in the trend of

Past research looking back,”has already a negative impact on you,”replied the company is 2 months[1st] of the survey 30. 2%from the 2nd [3 months]:46.5%,3rd [4 September]: 56.9%, 4th[5 month]: 62.8%and gradually increasing.

On the other hand”in the future that there will be a negative impact if”Part 1:33.2%,2nd:33.8%, 3rd:31.8%,4th:23.3%with 3 months of the 2nd survey to the peak on the decline,”already negative impact”and”the future that there will be a negative impact if”has a total of 4 months went to the 3rd survey of 88. 8% of the peak on the 4th:86.1%, and now the 5th:84.5%at one point from the reduce tend to be. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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