New Corona related Management Course,National in 66 cases, Tokyo Shoko Research examines

Tokyo Shoko Research is on the 17th,China’s development・a new type of coronavirus infection related to the expansion and management course for operators in the country, 66 were increased and announced. Corona-related business course number is a 2 month 2 Day,3 month 23 day,4 month 17 date and time point 41 and is accelerated to increase. By industry, the accommodation industry [14 cases], restaurants[7 cases], apparel[6 cases] of 3 industries in the whole of the 4 workers.

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The government is 17, the special measures law based on the emergency Declaration area of interest to the nation the expansion. In than 7 days are subject for Tokyo 7 prefectures on weekdays, evenings and weekends mainly to go out, people fell sharply as a wide range of sectors, the operators of sales is falling.

Area another Management Course Number is currently in Tokyo, Japan [11 cases] and Hokkaido [10 items], only 2 digits reached,17 days later at the national level may go quiet for labor and rent and other fixed costs spending, especially funding stricter for operators failure of nationwide increases in the expected.

China・Wuhan city in the last 12 months occurred in the new corona virus in the world of infected people, the number of U.S. Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the Japan 19 days before dawn at 231 million more than the dead, the number of 15 million is exceeded. The United States is the number of infected people of about 3 minutes of 1, the number of deaths about 4 to 1 to account for that.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released by the National Statistics[18 time points], according to the cumulative number of infected people of the United States 69 million 4,225 men, led by Spain[18 million 8,068 people], Italy [17 million 2,434 people], Germany [13 million 3,830 persons], France[10 million 9,252 people], the UK[10 million 8,692 people], China [8 million 2,719 people] continues. 1 Week ago,Britain and China the order of the place.

The source said Wuhan is 17, the the published the city and the death toll and number of infected people may have for the souls of the dead, and the number of 1,290 people, the number of those infected is 325 people was announced. China announced that the number of infections and number of deaths about the reliability of the U.S. Information Agency around the world and within China earlier than from the voices of doubt were many Chinese government these concealment alleged any denied. Wuhan correction machine, China other cities as well as on the numbers to correct the movement spread and the view is strong.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new type of coronavirus infection expansion due to the national management course operators number of aggregated. 17 October 17:00 at the 66 cases, out of 4 months from the occurrence of 41 cases have soared. Corona-related, the first inbound demand from the slump in the tourism or restaurant business is affected, then go out voluntarily by the visitor of the sharp decline in apparel sales, such as retail, pachinko wide range of industries, such as impact is spreading. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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