New Corona related to a failure of, 192 to increase the pace and composure to Tokyo Shoko Research

Tokyo Shoko Research is 29, China’s development・the new corona virus infection by a broken operators number of 192 cases was announced. A single month basis, 2 months in 2 cases,3 months in 23 cases,4 months to 84 and at an accelerated rate has been increasing for 5 months the last business day was the 29th of the 17 time-points in 83 and 4 well-worn and became.

【Here】SME business confidence, the lowest level since JFC survey

By area, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government 41 and concentrated, and the 42 prefectures in 1 or more of the break I was experiencing the situation is this 1 Weeks change. On the other hand, 25 days after the emergency Declaration has been lifted in the Metropolitan area, etc. in many restaurants is open again, consumers are the risk of infection and be wary of going out・eating out, refrain from small and medium businesses around funding and the fight continues.

The Japanese government on the 25th,the new coronavirus infection to prevent the spread of the emergency Declaration as a target of the left for Hokkaido, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, remove the across the country Declaration lifted. Also, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the city showed”the new coronavirus infection to get over a road map”Step 1 transition, some industries to be closed the request is tempered. The downtown area such as restaurants, etc. sales resume, but the hours of constraint in addition to customers also dull, continued deficits have fallen into the operators are many.

Also, the Japan Tourism Agency announced on the 29th according to statistics,4 on domestic hotels and Inns to stay at for the number of Japanese nationals decreased by 71 percent and foreigners, not to mention the Japanese customers, and in some cases, drastically. the tourism industry is even more severe situation. Tokyo and Kitakyushu city focusing on the 2nd wave to be wary of the strength in consumer sentiment to improve, even 1 day early vaccine development and distribution are expected.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the UTC 30 October 14:00 at 592 million more than the dead, the number is 36 million people exceeded. 1 day about 10 million pace in infected people is increasing. Country number of infected people, the US 174 million, ultra, led by Brazil, 46 million Russia 38 million people in the UK, 27 million people in Spain, 23 million, Italy 22 million, France 18 million people in Germany, 18 million people, India 17 million people, Turkey’s 16 million people, Iran 14 million to continue. Most recently, Brazil, Russia, India and in emerging countries likely to increase stand out.

Infection of the explosion was the source of China 28, the National People’s Congress on the last day, the”Hong Kong national security law”, the introduction of the decision. Japan, including many democracies is the act of enforcement concern showing in China or Hong Kong to the control of the strengthening in the future. Around the world is the corona, corresponding to chased that under the circumstances of the decision was the National antipathy of bought.

Of the United States against China, the attitude is, if the fall of the US election campaign in regime change even if the change of perspective is strong and the tension is stronger…… great

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new type of coronavirus infection related to the expansion of the business management course operators number of aggregated. 29 October 17:00 at 192 reached,out of these 136 cases Debt 1,000 million of voluntary liquidation is not legal analysis. By industry, the accommodation industry [33 cases], catering industry [30 cases], apparel[24 cases], many of these 3 industries accounted for about 45% to. Vendors, etc., rent subsidy to the centerpiece and the 2nd Supplementary Budget of 6 early decision is expected,what is more immediate payment is required. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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