New Corona related to a failure of, 413 to 7 on the same level as remained at the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research

Tokyo Shoko Research has 14, China’s development・the new coronavirus infection of expansion due to a broken domestic operators number of a cumulative total of 413 cases reached and announced. 8 months in a single month is 14 at the time of 39 and,the most was 6 month’s 103 here, the below,7 months of 80 out of the same level. Domestic number of new infections continues to increase in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, mainly in the food industry has limited opening hours, the travel industry is an emergency Declaration after the termination of handling high has not recovered. Even overseas, yet many countries have infectious diseases chased by the external demand can be expected among the operators of funding and the fight continues.

【Here】Corona went out of business consideration of small and medium enterprises 1 allocated business time”within 1 year”is half

Tokyo 小池百合子 Governor 14 days I went to a regular watch, according to the Tokyo residents between the Obon holidays in the travel and homecoming refrain in Tokyo go out for a movement to spread that. Infected, the largest number of Tokyo from Okinawa, such as the health care system in poor areas people move to this infection, to expand the risk is to some extent declined to say.

On the other hand, the National number of infected people is still 1 Day, 1,000 people above the many days,mainly in the Tokyo Metropolitan area spread of infection is likely to increase to maintain, in many industries the sales of the No Return situation will continue.

In the Metropolitan area of the food & beverage industry is Seats reduce the number of infection, such as expansion measures in sales while short sales for these painful situation. Stores and other eateries for food, etc. to wholesale to operators in the sales decline continues. Also, the Japan Tourism Agency announced on May 14 this, according to major tour operators of the 6 month deal amount compared to the previous year 93% reduction was. 5 months slightly improved, the emergency Declaration lifted after a trip or a business trip to the refrain that trend will continue.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the Japan time 15 days afternoon 4 time points at 2,116 million more than the dead, the number is 76 million exceeded. Country-specific cumulative number of infected people, the United States of 531 million super, led by Brazil 322 million, India 252 million, Russia 91 million people, South Africa 57 million, Peru 51 million people, Mexico 51 million, Colombia 44 million, Chile 38 million continues.

Infection was the source of China is still Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region as part of the new infections have been confirmed, and many other regions in Corona the previous being back to life. On the other hand, 7 month’s retail sales compared to the same period the previous year 1. A decrease of 1%, such as consumer spending has not fully recovered. Meanwhile, President XI Jinping 倹約令 thorough instructions and reports, and the world’s largest market・China’s consumption of further cooling is concerned.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Shoko Research, a new type of corona virus-related management course operators number of 14 October 17:00 at 413 reached and announced. Out of these 349 were liabilities 1,000 million voluntary liquidation without legal analysis, that out of 86. 5% bankruptcy accounts for that situation. Industry is the aforementioned food and beverage and accommodation operations in addition,apparel[manufacturing and retail] continue to stand out. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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