New Corona related to the management of the course, 172 to 42 prefectures to Tokyo Shoko Research examines

Tokyo Shoko Research the 22nd,Wuhan, China, Development・a new corona virus infection by broken businesses across the country 172 out reached and announced. 5 months in a single month, the number of 63 cases, 84 cases was 4 months and almost the same pace. Last 1 weeks in Aomori Prefecture and Oita Prefecture at the operator’s course is confirmed,already 42 prefectures in 1 or more of the course has occurred, and that. 21 days in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Hokkaido area emergency Declaration of the object from the outside, the corona and earlier return to a life of considerable time, which is expected to tourism and catering mainly to the severe management environment to continue.

【Here】4 on Department,SC sales and the substantial decrease in Department stores this Bound is 98. 5% reduction

Government 21, the new number of infected people and the number of medical establishment of the situation, considering the new coronavirus infection to prevent the spread of the emergency Declaration of the object from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo removed. 14 days 39 County preceded by the subject for the rest, that is Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba,Saitama and Hokkaido only became.

On the other hand, the Summer Koshien decided to stop, such as an emergency Declaration after the termination of the corona in every direction on impact. The sales decrease in funding to be at a loss for the operators, as well as task which continues to healthcare professionals and civil servants, etc. support would be needed.

New corona virus in the world of the cumulative number of infected people is rice, the Johns Hopkins University Summary According to the Japan time 24 days Morning 5 nights at 528 million more than the dead, the number of 34 million people exceeded. Most recent 1 Weeks 1 days about 10 million pace in infected people is increasing. Country number of infected people of the United States 160 million super led, Russia 33 million 5 thousand people, Brazil 33 million people in the UK, 25 million, 8 thousand people,Spain, 23 million, 5 thousand, Italy 22 million 9 thousand in France, 18 million, 2 thousand, Germany 17 million 9 thousand people in Turkey, 15 million 5 thousand people, Iran 13 million 3 thousand people followed. In Western Europe the pace of increase becomes loose on the other hand, Brazil’s pace of increase is noticeable.

Pandemic to the world to spread China 22 days,had adjourned the National People’s Congress to the opening. Attention was focused on the GDP growth rate of the target value, the Corona on the economy the potential impact that the size of the analysis and judgment, from set and announced. This announcement attracted the attention of Hong Kong has freedom of speech and demonstration activities and the freedom of suppressed, but not”Hong Kong national security law”draft only. Democracy that is likely to infringe upon the international community as fears spread in the U.S., UK and Taiwan etc are criticized.

In such circumstances,the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new type of coronavirus infection related to the expansion of the business management course operators number of aggregated. 22 October 17:00 at 172 reached, of which 113 were liabilities 1,000 million of voluntary liquidation is not legal analysis.

By industry, the accommodation industry [31 cases], food industry [27 cases], apparel[21 day]a lot,these 3 industries account for about 46% to. Government financial institutions, and interest-free unsecured loans of financial institutions to offer small-and medium-sized mom-and-pop operators signed up to part of The respond for the first time and the fight continues. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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