New Corona related to the management of the course is 128 my confidence has also significantly worse followed

Tokyo Shoko Research the new corona virus-related bankruptcy presented the situation,5 on the management of the course is 4 months beyond the pace and got better. Or the Teikoku Databank’s survey, the new type of corona virus such as the impact of significantly negative followed.

【Here】Toyota’s domestic production volume of 300 million units secure is difficult (1) protection of the basic knowledge

■5 on real 3 days to 19

8, the Tokyo Commerce and Industry Research is a new corona virus-related bankruptcy situation announced. 8 day 17 time-points in the”new Corona”related to the management of the course is 128 deals. This bankruptcy is 87 cases,the lawyer entrusted with the preparation of 41 cases.

Monthly in 2 Months 2 Day,3 month 23 day,4 a month is 84 cases,5 on real 3 days (1 Days, 7 Days,8 days) in 19 cases, and this pace continues with a 4 month across more than 100 is likely to be.

■Business management course is the 35 state to the expanded

According to all prefectures with the highest number of Tokyo of 29 cases. One in Hokkaido and Osaka and in 12 cases,Shizuoka Prefecture, and 7 were,Hyogo Prefecture, 6 internal,Aichi Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture and also to 5, such as 35 prefectures that have spread.

Or industries with the highest number of accommodation industry of 29 cases. The restaurant business is 17 cases,apparel-related 13 projects, such as become. However, these figures are the debt amount is 1,000 million voluntary liquidation and legal liquidation for small companies the management of the course is more than this is conceivable.

■Diffusion indexes are 7 consecutive months of negative

On the same day, the Teikoku Databank has 4 months of survey announced. 4 on the economy of the DI (Trend Index) is 25. 8 in 3 months 32. 5 from 6. 7 point decrease in,7 consecutive months that is exacerbated with the previous month, followed by the largest deterioration of the width was.

4 on the trend of”shrinkage”, as aggravating factors, the new corona virus due to the influence of the constraints on economic activity and domestic and overseas demand fell,the effects of the consumption tax hike continue to have. On the other hand the courier business such as new services,supermarkets and pharmaceutical retail improve factors that.

■Improvement of retail 3 industry

Industry in all 10 industry trends in the index deteriorated. In particular the construction (4 month:33.9,3 months ratio:7.6 points less, the same below), manufacturing (24.7,5.6-point decrease), and wholesale(23.7,5.7 point decrease) in the largest worsening of the width was.

Industry and manufacturing of transportation equipment, and instruments manufacturing(22.2,12.0 points decrease), services of telecommunications(30.3,19.7 points decrease), education services(13.9,15.8 point decrease), such as 2-digit deterioration of the industry many. The opposite 3 months compared with the improvement of retail food & beverage retail (26.3,0.5 point increase), drug and grocery retail sales(28.7, 1.2 point increase), various merchandise retail (32.3,3.0 point increase) of 3 industries only.

■Future Outlook the”retreat continues”

Future economic conditions DI has continued to deteriorate, followed by a 5 month 21. 8 (4 on ratio:4.0 point decrease), and 6 months after the 10 months are 17. 0 when expected. But then gradually improved, and after 1 year 21 years 4 months 19. 0 and from also recover and have a look.

The Outlook for the future”retreat continues”, and the aggravating factors to businesses and individuals, financial market instability, corporate performance deterioration in employment and income environment of destabilization to have. On the other hand monetary policy, strengthening of production of the domestic regression, new products and services introduced to improve the factors that. (Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at)

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