New Corona support small and medium”telework is its not suitable for”2% weak business continuity perspective is also important

The new corona virus is spreading. The government is 2 months 24 days Policy published, companies and other entities”meeting or event how to change,how to move the distributed,remote work,online meetings etc as long as it can be and approaches to take, such as”of the suppliers. Already large companies focusing on telecommuting(telework)to implement an increasing number of companies.

IT system consulting corporate check – “small and medium・sized enterprises for telework, the introduction should make an appeal”whether the contact is gradually increasing based on the current state of small and medium・sized companies in the telework implementation and other IT pros take advantage of the suggestions related to the analysis performed on the 26th, and the results published.

According to reports,with annual sales of 100 billion yen for small and medium・sized enterprises in the”telework is their business model not being suitable for”thinking about companies and the proportion of IT-related services industry 3. 6%remain on the other hand, other industries at 1 percent ~ 2 percent as well.

On the contrary”not suitable”and to think there are a lot of companies out there that sectors of the construction industry 18. 2%is the most high, and the General service industry 16. 4%, transportation of 12. 7%, wholesale trade, retail trade, and 10. 9%, Assembly manufacturing and processing manufacturing and 7. 4% as large.

And, retail and service industry stores, service, manufacturing and factory work, construction site work, such as telework implementation of difficult cases, often seems to. Large firms in office work ratio is high for small and medium・sized companies as described above in a store or factory, field operations responsible for the employee’s ratio is higher for telework and the introduction of various difficulties there.

Small to medium・sized companies of which telework introduction when working on individual industry and business, based on the individual companies and are tailored to the characteristics of telework-related solution, it is necessary to add ink to paper is thoughtful ink to flesh, hard-core. IT companies are small and medium・sized enterprises of telework the introduction to the proposal when the user enterprise together with the specific finding solutions. attitude is sought and the report noted.

On top of that”the new corona virus and the risk in terms of”employee of the infected”as well as”in-store customer reduction”and”supply chain stagnation”, such as you must also consider the”even”player in keeping business continuity(BCP)perspective based on the use of IT proposed the importance of”emphasize.

Japanese companies telework regime from the world late and have also been pointed out to you. This crisis led to Japanese companies suitable for telework IT solutions is seeking a go of it. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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