New corona virus in Wuhan around the long-term closure (1/2) Toyota, Nissan, and Honda’s ability to respond to the point

The new corona virus pneumonia throughout China, spread to the momentum looks. In 2020 2/4 time,and in Japan the prevalence of signs and the must see situation. Government officials are optimistic a view to repeating it, indeed are”border measures”in failing to give it, the domestic spread of the infection to suppress measures out to seem.

【Here】Toyota・Honda・Nissan, an automobile manufacturer of a new coronavirus in China to support

Wuhan return home from the person who measures and blunder, and Cabinet Office personnel committed suicide, and it to falls to death there was. Details are not announced, the measures of the difficulty is also not the end of your reps is one suffered in the course of the day. The government’s response is disappointing, and the mistrust happening.

This from 新型肺炎 need, the Terminus of the healthcare organization responds first surfaced as a concern. In particular, the health center’s performance. Across the country state or province organization, Public Health Center, the everyday and the office was a natural work stand out Organization, epidemic prevention, such as to respond to an emergency is usually received body quality would be difficult.

Already,the health Department inspection to reject the case out, but still support the preparation of those ill-equipped to look.

Such and red tape in Wuhan situation to survive can not. Wuhan area,Nissan Motor, Honda Automobile Manufacturers with production bases have. Supply chain(parts supply network), including the production bases that only the manufacturer corresponding to each the power of the skills are quite different and must look to.

Namely,this from of financial resilience most of Automobile Manufacturers of relative indicators that would. That point is where? Let’s take a look.

First, the production pause is basically unavoidable. China-wide initiatives,global protection initiatives and cooperation benefits. Among them, in the pauses of the measures, and capacity ebbs and just how to prevent that.

Also, it is the up building of the state also have. Aisin Seiki and Toyota Boshoku in Japan and Thailand as an alternative production Review 1 on 31 days to starting. Automatic transmission and seat of production. Instantly production(swing production)can, Where Your from? (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

Read: New corona virus in Wuhan around the long-term closure (2/2) Toyota, Nissan, and Honda’s ability to respond to the point

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