New corona virus in Wuhan around the long-term closure (2/2) Toyota, Nissan, and Honda’s ability to respond to the point

Toyota and Mazda etc, is currently the world’s production base for Supply Chain Quality Assurance level to level trying. It is the world of the production well, a lot of models that can be produced by using, in our factory the quality level is leveled not at the same time,suppliers on average to a higher level and I need to be able to.

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This 新型肺炎 due to the factory stop in the”swing production”to do at the time,production differences in quality and,reliability of products, lost sales affect for you.

Toyota or Mazda,such as”swing production”work. This is a reduction in fixed costs,or fixed costs, variable costs and contributes to a company’s profit margin to determine this.

Toyota has 9%of profit margin is maintained, but it is a swing production such as the production flexibility have contributed to that. Mazda will take the lead Toyota more quickly, this direction sought. However the current 5-year plan, the”premium manufacturers”, aiming at the dealer a number of discounts not to sell stores to narrow down to reduce and,currently, the profit margin 3% and sluggish.

Nissan’s”intelligent factory planning”, etc and announced this pretty late. Honda swing production concept is still taking in the information.

Furthermore, the business environment is always good, without the sudden variation corresponding to the power is being questioned. But Nissan by Renault,Mitsubishi Motors and a coalition of site of the supplier including production methods or quality assurance level to unify the skills that can not.

No,”swing production”concept of management and it recently just. Honda, VW still swing production to adopt the concept of the state is not felt. French and German manufacturers as a whole, GM and Ford and American manufacturers as well would have.

Those manufacturers,Toyota・TNGA,the Mazda Sky active technology, such as the concept of”against the 2 around late”to say it for me. It is a new corona virus by 新型肺炎 of damage depending on to what extent the results of that? Manufacturers of proficiency as the difference between the come out of him.

Wait for the restoration, the companies of the ability to find it and try. Under tough circumstances,the management of the”business model of understanding”is being questioned. Investment sense in the automobile business model operates, it is not possible to know that an opportunity would.

Investors,this opportunity to”financial knowledge having grown up in the management”of the”true proficiency”in order to better still. Such investor strength also good. Business model and an understanding of investment sense and understand the difference between can not and investment also not. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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