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New development for Fort Knight lawsuit. Apple says "Epic has asked for special treatment"-Engadget Japan

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Earlier this week, Apple removed the app from the App Store as it updated the popular Epc Games game Fortnite with an in-app purchase that violated the guidelines. Epic immediately responded to AppleHas filed an antitrust lawsuit..

Apple in this casePetition to courtIt is said that Fort Knight should not be temporarily returned to the app store (Epic rejects app deletion suspension order). As one of the grounds for this, the testimony of the person concerned that Epic has requested special treatment only for the company has been released.

Apple's Phil Schiller (at that time SVP of Worldwide Marketing.Currently Apple Fellow) States in the statement that Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney has sent three emails to himself and colleagues requesting a "special deal" on the App Store.

The specific date was preceded by the app deletion on June 30: "Side letter" (a book that specializes in Epic-only transactions that radically changes the way Epic provides apps on Apple's iOS platform) It is said that it was a text requesting "a document containing supplementary contents to the contract)".

In addition, Apple said, Sweeney wanted Epic not only to allow in-app purchases to bypass customer in-app purchases (Epic) but also to launch a third-party app store for the iPhone.

Sweeney said Epic wasn't asking Apple for any special treatment, but was fighting for "open platforms and policy changes that benefit all developers equally." So, before filing the lawsuit, they were trying to establish their own relationship with the company. However, "when Apple refused to radically change its business practices to appease Epic, Epic resorted to a sudden one-sided action that was breach of its contract with Apple."

Apple even compared Epic to shoplifters. "If a developer can avoid digital checkout, it's like a customer leaving an Apple retail store without paying for shoplifted products. Apple isn't paid," says a third-party vendor. It seems that the app is also one of the products displayed in its own app store and is entitled to receive a fee.

And the Apple side says Epic will remove the direct payment option added to Fort Knight and will allow the game to return to the App Store and will not invalidate the developer account, so the deletion that Epic is seeking The emergency injunction has even been described as "a complete self-made performance of Epic."

However, these are just claims made by Apple in the dispute of the interests of trial, and it is possible that the basis of the text of the email was cut off only where it was convenient for the company.

In fact, Mr. Sweeney is refuting while publishing the text that he sent on Twitter. It's true that they sought in-app diversions and side letters, but they also said, "I hope these options are available to all iOS developers equally," and treat them specially. It is claimed that he didn't say it.

I'm surprised that Epic was asking for permission to open a third-party app store that Apple could never accept, but the meaning changes significantly between "only for own company" and "equal to other companies" Should come. In the future, I would like to focus on the litigation, including the ripple that spread to many developers and companies involved in the App Store.



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