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Appeared at Lawson on January 7Dora mochi whole strawberry (custard & whip)I tried to eat!

Sticky Juwa's happy texture

Lawson's popular sweet "Doramotchi" new work "Whole strawberry (custard & whip)Has appeared!

A luxurious sweet that contains a single piece of custard and whipped double cream and a fresh strawberry in sticky dough. It is easy to imagine that the dough is originally delicious, and it is even more delicious once you have a strawberry.

When I take it out immediately, it looks like it's more distorted than usual …?

That should be it, because there is one whole strawberry, so the shape is naturally distorted. And the size of this strawberry! I feel bigger than what was written on the package!

When I try to eat it, yeah!

A juicy, sour strawberry with sticky dough. The mellowness of the custard and the softness of the whip match perfectly.い ち Ichigo Daifuku is the one that comes to mind with the closest taste, even though it looks like a Japanese confectionery but has the feeling of a Western confectionery. But it's refreshing and easier to eat! I'm sorry I thought I just got strawberry in Podorochchi! This exquisite harmony was truly something!

Also, I'm glad that the dough is dry and you can eat it with your hands. I thought it was perfect for a sweet after lunch at the office!

Store: Lawson
Menu: Dora Mochi whole strawberry (custard & whip)
Price: 230 yen (tax included)
Official site:Doramochu Whole Strawberry (Custard & Whip) | Lawson Official Site

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