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New Edge browser, "Effect of final tax return" delivery to Japan after April. Download Available-Engadget Japan Version

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Japan today announced that the new [Chromium-based] Microsoft Edge browser released by Microsoft today will be postponed through Windows Update after April 1 in Japan.

The company explained that it had "considered the effects of tax returns".

The only postponement is automatic update by Windows Update. You can download and update the new Edge yourself.NTA websiteAccording to Microsoft, the recommended environment for using the e-Tax software required for final tax return is “ Microsoft Edge '' or “ Internet Explorer 11 '' on Windows, and Blink engine-based web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are Not supported.

New Microsoft EdgeIs an open-source Chromium browser [Blink engine] that abandons the HTML rendering engine previously developed by Microsoft.

In other words, the update of Edge may cause display collapse on some websites. However, with the new Chromium-based Edge browser,"IE mode"It is equipped with,Somewhat cumbersome settingsIf you do, you can also display with the same rendering engine as the previous Internet Explorer 11.

Under these circumstances, if the Edge update causes any inconvenience in displaying the pages required for final tax return, the impact will be large. Even more so if it were due to automatic updates with Windows Update.
It would be wise for Microsoft Japan to avoid it and postpone delivery via Windows Update.

However, IE 11 and Edge have significantly reduced their share of browser usage,Net ApplicationsIn the global market share as of December 2019 announced by Chrome, while the share of Chrome is 66.64%, IE is only 7.44% [By the way, Edge is 6.74%].

In other words, IE 11 is no longer a standard OS browser, and has become a minority in world share.

It is supposed that the operation of the web application prepared for the final return, which is an important procedure for tax payment by the Japanese National Tax Agency, is guaranteed only with IE 11, which was a minor browserPromote e-governmentIt must be said that it is a poor response as a nation that does.


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