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New EV maker Lucid records Tesla's left battery cruising range of about 832km-Engadget Japan

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<p>Lucid Motors</p>
<p>Tesla's model EV sedan, Model S, has just launched a Long Range Plus model with a cruising range of 402 miles (about 647 km) two months ago, but Lucid Motors' sedan Lucid Air will be launched to become a rival to that Model S. Has recorded 517 miles (about 832 km), which is far more than the originally announced mileage of about 400 miles in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fuel consumption measurement standards. If ordinary sedans will have such cruising range as a matter of course, the turning point where EVs replace gasoline cars may come earlier than expected.</p>
<p>Lucid Air is still in the stage before mass production, but it is a prototype measurement, but this record of fuel consumption (electricity cost) measurement by an organization independent of the manufacturer pushes the back of those who consider purchasing when it is released It seems to be a factor.</p>
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Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Lawlinson announced several energy breakthroughs from the promised 400 miles several years before the first prototype was announced, the energy to extend range while reducing battery He says he was able to gain efficiency.

The smaller the battery, the lighter the weight, the less costly, and the more interior space available. Lucid's Battery Division is looking to improve this battery technologyFormula EThe development of Atieva, which is also a supplier of, contributed.

Like the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air also delivers strong performance (albeit at the prototype stage), taking advantage of the EV's characteristics. For example, the output is 1000HP and 0-60mph acceleration is 2.5 seconds. With a maximum speed of 200mph (about 322km/h), it has the potential to produce speeds comparable to F1 machines.

In addition, by implementing LiDAR and 32 sensors, level 3 automatic driving "DreamDrive" will be realized. The 2020 New York Motor Show 2020, which should have been the original announcement place, was canceled due to the new corona pandemic, but Lucid is preparing an event to premiere online on 9th September .. Then details such as price, option configuration, interior and exterior design should be revealed.

Lucid Air is pretty cool as far as the images and videos can be seen, and it is said that it plans to start delivery by the beginning of 2021 in the United States.


source: Lucid Motors

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