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Thoroughly wash your hands, reduce unnecessary and outing, and maintain a social distance. The lifestyle of Wiscorona is becoming established, but I would like to introduce "Clean Touch," which expands the options of "reducing contact."

I don't want to touch it as much as possible!

I've been thoroughly gargling with my hands, but even if I touch a handrail or doorknob, my heart feels a little jarring.

It's not good to be too nervous, but it is this "clean touch" that keeps your mind from bothering.

Use the door knob by hooking it.

Touch the operation button of the air conditioner with the tip.

You can also operate your smartphone with the rubber tip.

However,Touch sensitivity is significantly reduced for thick glass film and shock absorbing film made of TPU materialTherefore, a thin film is recommended when operating with a clean touch.

It doesn't have any special features, but if you put one in your bag, it's like an amulet that keeps your mind from going crazy.

Check out the new Wiscorona customs for a clean touch.

Click here for details on Clean Touch → Makuake|Starting a life without touching Touch less and touch "clean" instead of you. |Makuake – Crowdfunding

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