New Hilton Hilton is a talented businessman, two-shot passionate

Paris Hilton, 38, is reportedly witnessing a two-shot enthusiast with a new girlfriend at a party after the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on the night of March 5.

Hilton attends Warner Bros. After Party at Beverly Hills Hotel. He walked alone on the red carpet, but he kissed a new lover and a rumored man in the venue, and was witnessed hugging each other.

According to the New York Post and other sources, the man is a businessman who also publishes best-selling books, Carter Leum, 38, who got acquainted through referrals to a common friend and began dating a few weeks ago. A source said, "They enjoy being together and are happy."

Speaking of Hilton, she got engaged in January 2018 with Chris Zirka, a US actor who started dating in 2016, but broke down in November of the same year. The prospect of an engagement ring, which is said to be about 200 million yen, has also become a hot topic.

A person close to Hilton said at the time that the relationship had gone too fast, causing the catastrophe, and said, “ Paris realized he wasn't the one to marry. '' .

Lum is a successful businessman who co-founded US venture company M13, which has invested in major US ride-sharing Lyft and US photo sharing site Pinterest. Only the Hilton, which has been broken after engagement, is paying attention to his future. [New York = Naoko Kame]

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