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New iPad Pro prevents eavesdropping by closing the cover and physically disconnecting the microphone-Engadget

Apple has updated its official security statement to show that the new iPad Pro and later iPad models have introduced security measures to "cut off the microphone hardware to prevent eavesdropping." This security feature was originally adopted in 2018 from the MacBook series with a T2 security chip. When the lid is closed, the microphone is physically disconnected and disabled, and it is implemented purely by hardware, so if you take over the root or kernel privileges of the OS and use software on the T2 chip Can't connect to the microphoneExplained in the official PDF.

Then, as for the camera, although it is not cut by hardware, closing the cover completely obstructs the field of view, so it is impossible to take voyeur.

By the way, in the security document updated this time, it is added that "iPad models after 2020" [substantially new iPad Pro or later] has the same hardware microphone disconnection function You.

Specifically, if you install and close a case that complies with the MFI [Apple guidelines], including products sold by Apple, and then close it, the microphone will be cut off in hardware, and the software will collect the microphone. Data is no longer available. Even if the firmware is captured and root and kernel privileges of iPadOS are taken away, it is said that-.

In the first place, it is difficult to hack iPadOS itself, and if you do not connect it hardly you will not be able to steal data from the microphone, so it seems to be the strongest security measure.

Speaking of eavesdropping on Apple products,Group FaceTime bugging bugOr derived from itInvestigation by Attorney General of New York,Questionnaire from US House of Representatives CommitteeSuch an uproar is remembered. It may be difficult to completely eliminate software bugs, but it may have closed a loophole at the hardware level.


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