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New Mac Pro, EU production in China? Is “Made in USA” limited to the Americas?-Engadget Japan

French Apple information site MacGeneration reports that the new Mac Pro received by a local customer had the following detailed prints.
macpro "data-caption =" macpro "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-1-1578838-1576552847029 "data- media-id = "bf9ab08f-079f-4490-bf7f-63af66262647" src = "" data-title = "macpro" /><br />Apple announced that it will soon be shipping to customers across the United States when it produces the new Mac Pro at its Austin, Texas plant. In other words, because it was limited to shipping to the United States, Canada, Mexico and countries belonging to the Americas,<a href=For other orders, assembly in China was speculatedThere is a background. That guess is the actual hit.

Regarding the new Mac Pro, there was also an exchange of customs exemptions between Apple and USTR (US Trade Representative). Out of the 15 customs exemptions submitted for the fourth sanctions against China, a total of 10 major parts for the new Mac Pro were approved. In response to itNew Mac Pro announced to be assembled in the USBut after thatSome parts have been rejected.

Still, Tim Cook, accompanied by Trump ’s visit to the Texas factory,It doesn't point out the mistake of the tweet "Apple's giant factory" (properly owned by a contract manufacturing company). “Assembling Mac Pro, Austin ’s most powerful device in Apple history, is a testament to the enduring power of pride and ingenuity in the United States.” “Apple is a competent and diverse city that calls it the hometown. We are deepening close ties with the workforce. ''Emphasizing cooperation with US job creationwas doing.

Cook CEO and Mr. Trump visited the new Mac Pro factory just before December 15th when additional tariffs on iPhones were approaching (actually avoidance). In other words, “New Mac Pro from USA” (but only for the Americas)There is also a view that it was a bargaining material to pull the avoidance of tariffs from the Trump administration.

If all of the new Mac Pros were assembled in the United States, the risk of uncertain tariffs would not have been spared. Apple may have limited production at the Texas plant, and it may have been a natural choice to produce for other regions in China.

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