New Mac Pro released! Price is 599,800 yen and full spec is 5.74 million yen. “ Pro Display XDR '' is 529,800 yen

AppleMac Pro"When"Pro Display XDRWas released.

Mac Pro starts at 599,800 yen [excluding tax]

Apple released the new "Mac Pro" and 6K display "Pro Display XDR" announced at "WWDC 2019" in June this year on December 11th Japan time.

"Mac ProThe price in Japan remained unknown, but today it was determined to be 599,800 yen [excluding tax]. Full specs, so-called all-in-one, the price will be about 10 times as much as 5,740,600 yen [excluding tax].

It is the memory part that is directly hitting the price, and it costs 2.75 million yen when loading the largest 1.5 TB. Furthermore, to support 1.5TB memory, the CPU must be a 24-core or 28-core Intel Xeon W processor, so the price increases by 660,000 yen for 24 cores and 770,000 yen for 28 cores.

In addition, Radeon Pro 580X is installed in GPU, but if this is made Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, it will increase 572,000 yen, and it will increase 1,188,000 yen by inserting two.

After looking at this amount, the Apple Afterburner card of 220,000 yen can be felt quite cheap.

The caster part is likely to be struck by general users. If the rack legs are changed from casters to wheels, the price increases by 44,000 yen. 11,000 yen per wheel is quite good.

In addition to the tower type that has been announced so far, Mac Pro seems to be available in a rack type.

The rack type has not yet started selling, so if you are interested, you might want to look a little more.

Pro Display XDR starts at 529,800 yen [excluding tax]

Together with Mac Pro, the 6K display “Pro Display XDR” has also begun to be sold.

"Pro Display XDRThe price of 』is 529,800 yen [excluding tax] for standard glass and 599,800 yen [excluding tax] for Nano-texture glass.

In addition, "Pro Stand" is available as an accessory for 106,800 yen and "VESA mount adapter" for 21,800 yen.

Even if you use the monitor arm without using "Pro Stand", the "VESA mount adapter" is required, so the main unit price + 21,800 yen will be charged.

Consider purchasing while consulting with your account balance.

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* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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