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New MacBook Air announced next week? IPhone SE2 (provisional) release delayed by several months? Until. The latest Apple rumors


Foxconn, a major iPhone supplier, has resumed production in China faster than expected.Statement by Founder, Mei Guo)Apple Stores outside of Greater China are closed until March 27. Efforts to spread the new coronavirus infection are likely to be long-term.

New MacBook Air announced next week? IPhone SE2 (provisional) release delayed by several months? Until then, we will send you the latest Apple rumors.

An analyst at Bank of America (BofA), a major US bank, has announced that both the launch of the 5G-compatible iPhone this fall and the inexpensive model iPhone SE2 (provisional) this spring will be delayed due to the impact of the new coronavirus. You.

Apple insider intelligence analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said early February that Foxconn's factory in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China, was experiencing a significant delay.Was reporting. Foxconn founder Guo Tai Mei said that the recovery of production in the Chinese factory was “ beyond our expectations and imagination '', but “ worried '' about the electronic equipment supply chain in Japan and South Korea which is working on spreading infection of new type pneumonia When doingHas stated.

Even if such supply problems are resolved, there are concerns that consumer demand is weakening due to travel restrictions and store closures.

BofA analysts also cite weakening demand as the reason that the release of the iPhone SE2 (the product name is also said to be "iPhone 9") may be delayed by "several months", and Mr. Guo Tai Mei said, "Production soon Even if it is resumed, if consumers stop spending … it will be the key to economic recovery. "

Rumors have been postponed that a new product launch event, which was also expected to be held by Apple at the end of March, was due to one of the two main products being delayed in production, one of which was suggested to be the iPhone SE2. ButWas reported. In the future, not only Apple but all major high-tech companies are likely to tackle the two challenges of "production" and "demand".

iPad's top model (Pro)
"Faster than 92% of laptops on the market"However, mouse operation was a bottleneck when operating as a notebook PC.

On iPadOS 13Only part of accessibility featuresAs a result, we found a clue that full-fledged mouse operation will be introduced from the next system software iOS 14 build (probably the base of iPadOS 14).

Usually, when you move the cursor over the URL link with the arrow pointer, it changes to the pointing icon, right click with two fingers, "click with tap" etc. are equivalent to Mac trackpad. On the other hand, the cursor disappears a few seconds after you stop using the mouse (it reappears when you touch it).

In addition, two SmartKeyboard identifiers were found from within the iOS 14 build, and there was information suggesting the trackpad built-in design. In the first place, there is no trackpad in the current SmartKeyboard, so it is no surprise that a new keyboard is prepared in parallel with software support.

The SmartKeyboard for the next iPad adopts the same scissor structure and backlight as the 16-inch MacBook Pro.Supply chain informationThere was also. Although we are happy to improve the text input environment, we are worried about the price of the keyboard series, which is expensive as a keyboard product, incorporating many new elements.

Unreleased new features and product clues have been reported one after another from the iOS 14 builds mentioned above (9to5Mac obtained by leak in the US). Among them, Apple Watch Series 7 and watchOS 7 (both tentative names) are expected to significantly enhance health management functions and the like.

First, it is a function to measure blood oxygen concentration (SpO2), which indicates how much oxygen is contained in blood. In general, if it is less than 80%, it is an indicator that the function of the heart and brain may be impaired, but it is expected that this will be implemented as "warning the user when it falls below a certain threshold".

This function is also possible with the first Apple Watch in terms of hardwareKnown. SpO2 can be detected by a heart rate monitor, which may be available on all models because it has been passed on to the ECG (electrocardiogram) function of Apple Watch Series 4 and later.

Second, the long-rumored sleep tracking feature may finally be added.Apple Watch all series is driven for 18 hours, Because it is difficult to operate while "sleeping", adoption will be postponed until battery life is improvedThere were predictions.

So in Series 6,MicroLED for further power savingMay be expected to be installed.

This is also expected to renew the iPhone home screen based on the iOS 14 build.

The conventional iOS app display was only two: "Home screen where app icons are arranged in a grid" and "Spotlight search to invoke by swiping down the home screen." According to 9to5Mac, this will add to the list of all apps.

The interface is said to be similar to the Apple Watch list view. In other words, it says that all apps can be scrolled up and down, and there are also options for sorting by "unread notification" and "recently used apps".

In addition, a new AR application (codename "Gobi") for iOS 14 was found to be under development. Immediately after such a report, there was a rumor that "at least one of the new iPhones this fall (the so-called iPhone 12 (provisional) series) has a rear 3D camera"Was reported.

In other words, the new camera (FastCompany"Camera facing the world"Expresses) a 3D space or object with depth information, and overlays it with the image generated by the iPhone to achieve an AR experience.

Some say that the iPhone has improved over the last few years but hasn't innovated, but this fall may offer an unprecedented experience.


The MacBook Air series hasn't had a new model for a while, but rumors are coming soon that it's coming soon.

One is investor research notes from familiar analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who will release MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with scissor-style keyboards in the second quarter of 2020 (April-June) … apparently …

The scissor type is a mechanism adopted in the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and the butterfly type of the MacBook series for the past few years has many defectsEligible for free repair programIn response to this, it was a regression with improvements made to the methods used in past models.

Shortly after the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with a scissor-style keyboard, the next 14-inch MacBook Pro "replaces the current 13-inch."Bezel-less reinforcement, a trend in recent yearsIt seems that the expectation of the release has increased due to the body size being kept unchanged.

Immediately after these predictions were reported, rumors were announced that the new MacBook Air would be announced next week as soon as possible. This source predicts that "new iPads, iMacs and iPods will be announced" in March of last year, with two of the three being hit.

On the other hand, Kuo also predicts that MacBook models with "unique custom processors" will be released late 2020 to early 2021. In addition, he states that a "newly designed MacBook model" will be introduced in the second or third quarter of 2021.

Users who are thinking about buying a new Mac are likely to continue to have a hard time choosing which model and how long to wait.

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