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New MacBook Air rumor announced next week-Engadget Japan


Rumors have been reported that Apple will launch a new MacBook Air model as early as next week. According to MacRumors, the rumor came last March"New iPad, iMac and iPod will be announced"It was provided by the same anonymous person. IPad [New iPad Air and new iPad mini]WheniMacAlthough it was actually released, the other one was "AirPods" instead of iPod. The probability is two-thirds, but at the end you may have misunderstood the "Pod" and it is certain that the person was quite knowledgeable.

For this information, MacRumors states that although unseen from other sources, the informant has decided to share rumors because of its proven track record. No further details have been provided at this time.

Speaking of the new MacBook Air, recently famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that "MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with scissor keyboard will be released in the second quarter of 2020"Just announced the forecastis.

Kuo's second quarter is from April to June, and next week is a few weeks before, with a considerable gap. That said, Apple has unveiled new hardware and new variations of hardware in March for the past five consecutive years, and the possibility is undeniable.

The scissor-type keyboard is the method adopted in the 16-inch MacBook Pro released last November. Over the past few years, many bugs have been reported, such as the butterfly keyboard mounted on the MacBook series is vulnerable to the invasion of fine dust,All models eligible for free repair programWith that in mind, I would like to go back and improve on the scissor formula that was popular in the previous model.

Kuo said that the MacBook series from last year to 2020 will shift to a scissor keyboardStatesIn the early days, a new model following the 16-inch MacBook Pro will appearHad predicted.

In other words, sooner or later, the introduction of MacBook Air with a scissor-type keyboard is definitely seen, but when will it be?About 1 year and 5 months since MacBook Air was last updatedHowever, it may be good to expect the next model soon.


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