New machine “ CompanionPro '' to train dogs with AI and computer vision

In general, dog training requires a human dog trainer, but what if you could get better results without a dog trainer?Startup company Companion LabsPromises that it is possible. The companyWorking with the San Francisco Animal Abuse Prevention Association (SF SPCA)Announced the first dog training machine "CompanionPro" equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

Courtesy of Companion Labs

Courtesy of Companion Labs

CompanionPro looks like a space heater from the Soviet era, but with its own image sensor and Google's AI processor “ Edge TPU '', wireless connection, lights, speakers, and other unique rewards that are extremely important for training. Reward launching device ".

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The key to this machine's work is computer vision, which detects dogs in real time and adjusts the timing of rewards to enhance desired behavior. It's still unclear how close it will be to the experience of a trained human trainer, but the SF SPCA will soon release a case study that has been reviewed by peers on the function of the machine in one dog with separation anxiety. To do. Separation anxiety, by definition, manifests itself when there are no caring trainers around.

Courtesy of Companion Labs

Companion LabsArticle posted on TensorFlow blogAccording to the car, "it's good at repetitive tasks that require complete consistency and infinite patience." In other words, the focus is on increasing the amount of training as well as the repetitiveness of training. “ Using Companion Labs technology, shelters can reduce stress by spending time alone on animals and end up in loving homes where they can be taken to foster parents sooner, '' said SF SPCA on a blog. You can teach your dog what to do to help you. "

CompanionPro ispre orderAnd is scheduled to begin shipping in mid-2020. The monthly fee is $ 249 (approximately 27,000 yen) for the number of dogs trained per day, or $ 499 for multiple dogs (approximately 55,000 yen).

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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