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New products perfect for women working from Sofina iP and Primavista!

New products such as UV serum and liquid foundation have appeared from "Sofina iP" and "Primavista". On January 21, a joint presentation including "Biore UV Athrism" was held in Tokyo.

  • New product launches for "Sofina iP", "Primavista" and "Biore UV Athrism" were held on January 21

In "Sofina iP" where individuality stands out

At the beginning, Yusuke Kiyota of Sofina Division was on stage. "Sofina iP is a brand born in 2015 for women who want to stay beautiful even when exposed to fatigue and stress. We will grow this brand into a brand with a strong personality."

Already released "Base Care Serum <Base Essence>" and "Interlink Serum" performed well. Mr. Kiyota appealed, "We have grown into the No. 1 brand in the serum market."

The new appearances of Sofina iP this time are Sofina iP Interlink Serum and Sofina iP UV Resist.

Both products will be released on February 8. Mr. Kiyota responded to "Sofina iP Interlink Serum" 80g (3800 yen without tax) by responding to the unique "spring-summer season's" I want to firmly moisturize the skin but want to finish it without stickiness " The product uses an Interlink formula that balances both lotion and milky lotion functions, which "can increase the amount of moisture retained in the skin."

  • "Sofina iP Interlink Serum for moist and fresh skin." This product has a content of 80 g and a suggested retail price of 3,800 yen (excluding tax, the same applies hereinafter), and a refill of 80 g is 3,600 yen

The UV serum "Sofina iP UV Resist" is available in two types, rich cream and smooth milk (3,000 yen excluding tax). This product focuses on "severe time for the skin" such as daytime ultraviolet rays and dryness. It sings Sofina's highest level of ultraviolet ray cut effect, original day clearance ingredients, and ceramide care ingredients.

"We are transforming the busy daytime, which lasts about 4,000 hours a year, into skincare time. This is a new proposal that closely matches the lifestyle of busy women," said Kiyota.

  • "Sofina iP UV resist". Rich cream (left) has a capacity of 30 g, smooth milk (right) has a capacity of 30 ml, and the suggested retail price is 3,000 yen each

To the woman who is concerned about the "shininess" of her face

Next, Mr. Ibuki Ishine, Sofina Division introduced new Primavista brand products. The theme was "shininess" of the face. Mr. Ishine introduced the results of a web survey of 400 women and said, "Is it glossy or shiny? Because you can not see your own face, it does not look shiny to others. 93% of people had a feeling that they were moody. "

In order to settle the debate between shiny and shiny, "Prima Vista Natural Glow Lasting Liquid" 30ml (excluding tax 3,200 yen) will appear. The product will be released on February 29 and will be available in all seven colors. By covering up to the pores, it is characterized by a natural glossy skin that does not look shiny.

  • "Prima Vista Natural Glow Lasting Liquid". The content is 30ml in all 7 colors. Suggested retail price is 3,200 yen each (with special sponge)

Mr. Ishine says, "The main features are the use of finely dispersed powder that is difficult to become powdery, and the use of a flexible coating that repels sebum. Some users have said, "I didn't remake my makeup, but the morning finished until the evening."

In addition, at the recital, they talked about new products of "Biore UV Athrism", and held a hands-on experience session for each product at the venue. It was showing excitement.

  • We also hold hands-on sessions for new products. The venue was full of people involved

  • The Biore UV brand is expected to launch the Biore UV Athrism Sunburn Protect Milk (left) and the Biore Cold (Haya) Towel (right) that protect the skin from sunlight on March 7

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