New Year of TV COMMERCIALS”?” The mystery of corporate identity?

New Year on TV to a familiar, not CM based on. In name only,what business is doing, what goods and services you are dealing with from any from the CM lot.

These”mystery companies”the identity of many of the”B to B”companies. “B to B”and generally”BtoC”a company called by the consumer(Customer)for goods and services, not the legal entity(Business)for business of this. “Business-to-consumer”companies, unlike what’s on TV billion of advertising costs from consumers in their advertising as cost-effectiveness is very thin, usually of the TV screen to the CM to flow like that.

It is, as the New Year’s holidays, the”B to B”companies of the CM increases this?

One, year-end and New Year holidays and Obon period, usually watching TV young generation layer and the management investors, such as television watching increases, but not kill………….. BtoB companies are improving brand image and to establish the most effective time only.

For example, in 2018 Bon and in 2019, the beginning of the AGC Corporation < 5201 > has CM mass introduced. The company is 18 years 7 months”Asahi Glass”from the company name to change to the CM by the new company to be known for the purpose seems to be bigger.

Also, new year’s and CM’s flow Murata〈6981 > is the company introduction of of employees, interview, Love short film, the drama of the wind, which students to target for more. This is the company’s CM is the purpose of the activity is from. The student, as well as their homecoming as a family watching TV at the time, the company’s COMMERCIALS on TV from the flow if the image is larger up would be. Also, technology-based business-to-business companies,its specific activities and achievements in the public mind looks for new graduate employees, such as homecoming when the family in it,parents can rest assured that is one.

In the midst of all this, the New Year is a semiconductor manufacturer Rohm Co., Ltd. 〈6963〉also 19 years on television COMMERCIALS, the company announced that it would launch. According to the company, customer perspective, and constantly create new value for any one employee is alive and active and aware and the CM to implement this,a lot of people in the game know,the motivation of the employees to enhance it is intended to do.

The company’s CM in 2019 12 May 27~2020 Years 1 month 13 days in the period of airing it,”semiconductor technology,a dream, a future to.” To understand the A gap of 15 seconds and 30 seconds of the 2 types has been prepared.

Director, the Zap(Minegishi Minami version)and Nidec”I Motor”such as a number of COMMERCIALS, and music videos and was also involved in the up-and-coming video Director・箱守 Hye Fujii Mr. children. CM tie-up song of youth between the rising popularity of the artists Official bearded man in the dism of”115 million kg of film”to adopt, including 19 years as CM in the production of the large heat it seems.

These 3 companies, many other business-to-business companies have COMMERCIALS that have deployed. Usually,the eyes and ears to the opportunity to small companies if you like, but the CM current is not that, it’s just excellent company and a testimony to that. On this occasion the company name is remember also would not hurt. (Editor in charge:藤原伊織)

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