New Year's muscle exercises! Co-starring Shinji Takeda, Takanori Nishikawa, Taru Sake

Actor Shinji Takeda [46] responded to the interview after recording “Muscle Muscle Gymnastics, New Year Special, Luxury Muscle Festival” on January 2nd at NHK in Shibuya, Tokyo on January 15.

Takeda said, “I used to focus on each part so far, but this time it is a circuit training that can train all parts in 5 minutes.” In addition, "I want you to move your body with this video when the number of people gathers during the New Year" PR.

On this day, Michiya Tanimoto [47] Takanori Nishikawa [49] Kenji Tarumizu [39] also participated. “Mr. Nishikawa is a muscle like a bodybuilder. Mr. Taruyoshi has good motor skills, and Mr. [Tanimoto] thinks that the latissimus is like a crab and is the strongest.”

From the same time on January 3rd, Niikawa Kawamura [23] Ai Fields [26] and others will appear, and a special training for arms and buttocks will be broadcast.

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