New York City, owned and rent on the premises of disposable plastic bottles eliminated to

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USA・New York Mayor Bill de Mr. 6, the city owned and leased premises, within the beverage using disposable plastic bottles to sell unless there is a need to eliminate signed an Executive order[Executive order PDF,The Verge].

The target is 21 US FL oz [approximately 621ml] or less of a beverage for plastic bottle, [a]the city budget by purchase,and [b]the city owned or lease premises in the sale of the 2021 Year 1 month 1 day to do. With the exception of[a] the replacement is not, or is not practical,[b]health, safety and welfare of the protection required,[c]Executive order entered into force at the time the contract or labor agreement to the contrary, [d]emergency preparedness and response needed if you have to. In this case the effect of the waste reduction plan is an alternative possible. The target date to achieve the impossible, if the date is postponed to May.

City owned and leased premises isIn 2016 at 43,000 acres[About 174km2], and Manhattan Island, 2-fold, equivalent to the area just. Trump administration the Obama administration era, which came into force onNational Park of plastic bottled water sales ban in 2017 the abolitionHowever, this Executive order is the Trump Organization is the Central Park with 2 of the rink and Ferry Point Park to have a Golf course are also eligible for this. The city Council member from the mayor alternative around when it revoked the possibility of an Executive order, not legislation to advance the movement to it.

De Mr. on the same day, the city used autos by 2040 all-electric car to an Executive order[PDF], With fossil fuels supplying new infrastructure to prohibit an Executive order[PDF]Also signing.

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