New York exchange:the European financial support measures of the expected risk on

*07:00JST NY exchange rate:Japan and EU financial support measures of the expected risk on
27 September, New York in the Forex market the dollar・yen is 107 yen 95 sen rising after the 107 yen 65 sen or lower 107 yen 72 sen is closed. Europe and Japan additional fiscal measures to the expectations of the global economic Outlook improves and the risk appetite of the yen selling is predominant and was. 5 March Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index are coming in better than expected, as it sought for. Then Williams US NY Fed Governor is Curve Control regarding mention that bond yields are stagnant, the dollar buying has settled down.

Euro・dollar is 1. 1021 from $ 1. 0956 dollar fall as 1. 1009 dollars in closed. The Euro・yen 118 yen 86 sen from 118 yen 14 sen or decline. The government of Hong Kong’s autonomy was lost and the official decisions and risk appetite of movement is retracted. Pound・dollar is 1. 2314 from $ 1. 2206 in the fall. The UK and the European Union [EU]trade talks, the supply from the BoE of additional mitigation measures to the speculation the company was dominant and was. Dollar・Swiss is 0. 9721 francs from 0. 9677 France fell. 《MK》

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