NEWS Takahisa Masuda, letter impressed WOW drama first appearance

NEWS Takahisa Masuda [33] attended a report on the completion of the WOWOW "Miscalculation of the Drama Series Pareto-Case Worker Murder" on March 27 [broadcast started on March 7, 10:00 pm on Saturday]. WOWOW drama first appearance.

This work is based on "Pareto miscalculation" by Yuko Yuzuki. Visualization of socialist works cut into poverty business. A human mystery depicting the darkness and new hope of social security hidden in the murder of a case worker.

Masuda, who was offered an offer for a social work, said, "I asked the manager why and why." However, "I was impressed by the producer's letter and I did it before I saw the contents. Then I read Yuzuki-san's original work and I was able to study the parts I did not know and did not care about, I was happy with this work. "

As an episode at the time of the shooting, he revealed that there was a happening in which the lighter's fire burned into the hair of the actress who co-starred during the rehearsal. I laughed. "

"I think that he hired me because he needed an ordinary person in a heavy theme," he said, "I played with a sense of what it would look like to look flat with an ordinary sense, so many people I hope you can see it at the same time. "

On this day, starring Ai Hashimoto, Yuukiya Kitamura, Marika Matsumoto,

Johnny's Jr. Yuto Nasu, director of the group “Beautiful Boys”, director Shirotaro Kobayashi, and Yuko Yuzuki, the original author, also appeared on the stage.

Masuda e-mailed Nasu, "Go for it," but she laughed and revealed that there was no reply. Nasu shouted, "I don't see much smartphones."

Hashimoto said, "I'm going to make a hope that isn't a lie. Carefully, we can make a work and change the world, so we believe that we can do that until the end."

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