Next week is Softbank G financial interest to collect【original】

*16:15JST next week Softbank G financial interest to collect【original】
7 days of Nikkei Stock Average is in the red. 45. 61 depreciation of 23827. 98 yen [volume approximately 12 million 6000 million shares]in the transaction finished. Global high flow, besides the index part of the larger Softbank G<9984>For the case of rice Elliott by holdings of speculation material, and the players looked ahead to fresh weekly information on U.S. stockpiles of started the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily 23943. 45 yen wage for. However, the day before this year’s biggest gains recorded in addition,since last year highs to close this, then the intensity of the feeling of conflict. 23800 yen processing of the wear continued.

TSE 1 Section fluctuations stocks,decliners in the number of 1400 to more than 6% of the total accounted for. Sector, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, real estate, mining, solid. On the other hand, other products, fibre, Sky, luck, insurance is pretty dull. Index impact greater where the G, Olympus<7733>,Chugai medicine<4519>Tow. On the other hand,the<9983>,Telmo<4543>Van Nam HD<7832>Weighed down to.

The upper limit of the weight conscious, the day before the fast of rebound and since last year highs to a level close to May,the weekends sandwiching the active position is on this. Also, the new coronavirus infection to the impacts of the financial market panic by the reaction this week of a significant rise by Abate dressed as a corporate performance impact is gradually coming into view in the optimistic is not the situation at will.

A leading Japanese commercial Bank, today announced its financial results for the next week in the round, but the 1200 companies near is scheduled to be announced. Seen the G part of it. Other small-to-medium-size share of the financial results for these stocks in a daily basis and checking for new. Especially the feet in the closing materials such as some stocks in the funds are concentrated and. Therefore, the funds escape of foot speed,footwork is also important for them. 《AK》

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