Next week the market in notable 3 points:新型肺炎 trends, 2 on Uniqlo sales Bulletin,US employment report

*19:22JST next quotes in the notable 3 points:新型肺炎 trends, 2 on Uniqlo sales Bulletin,US employment report
■Tokyo Stock Market Outlook

Expected range: upper limit 21750-lower 20100 yen

Next week, the Nikkei Stock Average, is a psychological milestone for 21000 yen battle perspective shift. Last week’s decline in prices, 2 on 28 October last year 10 month 4 day lows 21276. 01 yen to interrupt the 21000 yen line at one adjustment to advance the technical line after interrupt is not from risk but the bulge one. 21000 yen down the line penetrates the well, the first is price / book value ratio-PBR(PBR) 1 times the level of 20700 yen to whether you can focus and become. Or the worst,last year 8 month 6 day lows 20110. 76 yen to fall and of also of concern. Furthermore, the rate of the support material worked as the exchange rate is inverted, 1 dollar=107 yen to the yen to shake this disturbing material. Incidentally, the National Bureau of statistics of China announced on the 29th 2 month’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and non-manufacturing PMI and the market forecasts below. Week of the Tokyo market’s reaction is to be alarmed. On the other hand, the Nikkei Stock Average is 28 days or 5 days of losses in the lower width is 2300 yen for. Fluctuation ratio(25-day moving average)on the 28th, 53%units,the short-term rebound is likely to occur with that. 3 the place now and from here, in Japan, the U.S. economic indicators, individual enterprises monthly sales of the disclosure of the new corona virus is affected by the extent to come out from the focal point. 3 days of retailing<9983>Of 2 month at the domestic Uniqlo sales trends Bulletin,4 November US 2 on the ADP employment report,US 2 month supply management Association(ISM)non-manufacturing business climate index, such as the contents of the browser market is up and down, swung, and deployment as well. 6 days of US 2 on Friday,7 November in China 1 month・2 month trade balance, such as 6 days of the Tokyo market after the transaction to be announced,the Nikkei Stock Average, the impact on the next week, but its contents can be eventful factors and the like. The new virus-related news flow and the US stock trends strongly influenced by the catalyst of the market expansion can be expected to continue. 3 month 13 days is the measure SQ (futures & options special liquidation index) also declined, and this from 2 weeks quotes for deployment in a nervous time and this is not expected.

Ransacked by the telework,telemedicine,nest of the most consumption-related and 新型肺炎 measures and the extension of the line was born in the theme ransacked is expected to continue, but the 5G (5th generation mobile communications system)related and high dividend yield such as a big adjustment for stocks of interest in high expectations that. Also, the 5G-related base station and the switching system for a communication instrument to help the designer networks<6778>The first 2 quarterly results 5 November to announce. Besides this, 4 brand name new listing(IPO) can also ransacked trends to stimulate it.

The main economy related schedule, in 2 days 10-12 month period statistics of corporations by industry,month 2 automobile sales,3 Day, 2 on base,2 on consumption trends in the survey on the 6th, 1 on household surveys, 1 month diffusion indexes are planned. On the other hand, the United States and overseas, including the key Schedule, 2 days on rice, 2 on ISM Manufacturing,US 1 on construction spending,3 days rice super(preliminary anthologies Sino-Japanese),4th US 2 on the ADP employment report,US 2 October ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Climate Index, us Beige Book(district Fed Business Conditions Report),5th U.S. 1 on manufacturing orders, the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) extraordinary General meeting (Vienna) On the 6th, U.S. 1 on the trade balance, USD 2 on Friday, rice 1 on consumer credit balances, 7 days in China 1 month・2 month’s trade balance is scheduled.

■The foreign exchange market prospects

Next week the dollar・yen is also contact from. In the United States a new type of corona virus infection in the expanded alert, US stocks following weak sentiment will continue and the US Federal Reserve Board (the FED)to 3 month down the observation to background and sell dollars preceded it. However, long-term Japanese economic downturn of the concerned circle sales than expected, and the dollar index is direction, a sense of poor value movement is not expected.
The United States professional organizations of the new coronavirus of domestic spread of the infection to the alarm, which shows the economic expectations of the rapid reduction in risk assets to organize the movement is accelerating. 3 November 2 announcement of 2 October ISM manufacturing from the previous month slightly rising Outlook. 2 on the US dollar,non-farm payrolls number of 1 figures expected to be lower than, the market expectations and if a match is found, the sales material not to be seen. The market is a 3 month down completely factored in, the employment report and other economic indicators were weak content if it was US 利見 through decline further, the dollar sell-inducing factor like.

On the other hand, in Japan, a viral infection, the damage of the increased number of Japanese companies, decision to a concern for Japanese stocks to sell is likely to continue. Also, the Japanese economy shrinking in anticipation of the investor’s yen sales also expected from the Eurozone crisis progressed, the possibility of a low being.

■Next week the attention of the schedule

3 November 2 (Monday): Day・capital expenditures・corporate profits・manufacturing PMI・auto sales,while the goods・a new manufacturing PMI,Eurozone Manufacturing PMI US・manufacturing PMI・ISM manufacturing, etc
3 November 3 (Tuesday):November・consumer sentiment,Australia・current account,Australian Reserve Bank interest rate announcement, Turkey・Consumer Price Index, South Africa・GDP, the Euro area unemployment rate, South Korea・GDP, etc
3 September 4 (Wed): Day・services PMI,Australian GDP, the middle・goods new services PMI goods・a new composite PMI,Swiss CPI,Eurozone Retail Sales,US・ADP National Employment Report,US・District Union 銀経 date report(Beige Book), etc
3 November 5 (Thursday):Australia・trade balance,US・labor productivity・factory orders,Ying・Carney the Bank of England(British Central Bank)Governor lecture, Austria・the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)extraordinary meeting, such as
3 November 6 (Fri):days・monthly labour survey-cash earnings・real wages total・household spending・the economy leading CI index,AU・retail sales,German factory orders,US・employment data, such as
3 on 7 September (sat):in・foreign exchange reserves・trade balance《SK》

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